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COD Mobile Contact Grenade – Unlocking and Gameplay

COD Mobile Contact Grenade - Unlocking and Gameplay

The release of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4, named “Wild Dogs,” on April 27th brings a slew of new content, including a gleaming battle pass, new maps, modes, weapons, and, of course, equipment. The Contact Grenade is the new Lethal at the start of COD Mobile Season 4, and players will want to get it soon because it seems to be rather strong.

Contact Grenade is comparable to sticky grenades, which are commonly seen in games such as PUBG. Players can use this kit to target specific players or regions, and the Contact Grenade will explode upon contact with any surface. Because of its capacity to detonate instantly, this grenade has a significantly smaller explosion radius. Players may also only carry one Contact grenade at a time.

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Unlocking Contact Grenade in COD Mobile

The Contact Grenade is a strong and uncomplicated Lethal weapon that, as you may expect, explodes upon contact with any surface.

  • The Contact Grenade can be unlocked through the COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs battle pass’s free tiers. This means you won’t have to pay any CP to get your hands on this new Lethal.
  • On reaching Tier 14 of the Season 4 battle pass unlocks the Contact Grenade in COD Mobile.
  • You may rapidly get the Contact Grenade by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle for 520 CP, which puts you only two levels away from acquiring the new Lethal equipment in COD Mobile Season 4.
  • We estimate the average gamer to take many days to unlock it if they do not spend the CP.

Remember that once unlocked, COD Mobile’s Contact Grenade will be accessible in all subsequent seasons.

Gameplay for Contact Grenade

The Contact Grenade has a narrower explosion radius than ordinary grenades since it explodes instantly. 

  • In COD Mobile Season 4, players may hold and aim before tossing it, waiting for the right time. It has a capacity of one by default.
  • It explodes instantly when it comes into touch with any surface, including the ground, walls, and foes, making it ideal for individuals with quick reactions.
  • Those caught in the Contact Grenade’s short explosion radius take damage. When hit directly, it may wipe out an adversary with a single shot.

Contact Grenade is an innovative addition to COD Mobile, as players may utilise it to secure choke points as well as flee quickly by killing attackers tailing them.

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