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COD Mobile Season 4 Best Weapons – Tier List

COD Mobile Season 4 Best Weapons - Tier List

As Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile begins, players will want to arm themselves with the best weapons possible. Wild Dogs, the next season, has already begun on April 27th, 2022, bringing new content, bug fixes, and a few new weapons.

There are a lot of weapon choices in Call of Duty: Mobile, so choosing the right weapon can be a little hard. Here are the best weapons and which ones you must have to succeed in Season 4 of COD Mobile.

Best Guns Tier List in COD Mobile Season 4

TierName of the Weapon
SChopper, Echo, KRM-262, AS VAL, DR-H, QQ9, QXR, Man-O-War, Outlaw, Arctic.50, SP-R 208, BK57, MSMC, PP19 Bizon, HVK-30, Type 25, AK-47, MK2, Holger 26
AASM10, AGR 556, GKS, Cordite, S36, BY15, DL Q33, LK24, RUS-79U, SKS, Locus, AK117, Fennec, ICR-1, HBRa3 
BRazorback, PDW-57, FR.556, Pharo, Kilo Bolt-Action, Peacekeeper MK2, KN-44, M4, HG 40, RPD, UL736, HS0405
CXPR-50, M4LMG, M16, NA-45, M21 EBR
DHS2126, Chicom, Striker

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COD Mobile Season 4 Tier List

The following are the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 “Spurned & Burned”:

  • Outlaw Sniper
  • AS VAL- AR
  • QQ9- SMG
  • Echo- Shotgun
  • Holger 26- LMG
  • SP-R 208 – Marksman
  • KRM-262 Shotgun
  • Fennec- SMG
  • BK57- SMG
  • CBR4- SMG

Outlaw Sniper

With 83 damage and a quick aim-down-sights speed, the Outlaw sniper is the best choice for players who excel with sniper rifles. This is a broken sniper in the right hands.


With high damage, a fast fire rate, and a Mid-Range Barrel, the AS VAL is one of the best assault rifles to use during Season 4. The AS VAL performs best at close range, but it does have a slight kickback.


Because of its high damage and incredibly fast fire rate, the QQ9 is easily the best SMG in COD Mobile right now. The QQ9 has excellent handling, making it an easy gun for anyone to master.

Echo- Shotgun

The Echo is a semi-automatic shotgun with high damage and is ideal for taking on multiple targets in a close-range environment. With a Choke muzzle, a MIP Extended Light Barrel, and a MIP Stalker Stock, this gun shines.

Holger 26- LMG

The Holger 26 is a well-rounded light machine gun that was recently added to COD Mobile. It’s an excellent weapon for mid- to close-range combat. The addition of a Strike Foregrip and Granulated Grip Tape transforms this gun into a monster.

SP-R 208 – Marksman

A fantastic Marksman rifle with high damage and a one-hit kill if the upper body portion is hit. Because it has one of the fastest ADS times, this is the best sniper choice for quick scorers. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it performs poorly at long range.

KRM-262 Shotgun

Due to its 98 damage, fast fire rate, and accuracy, this shotgun is arguably the best for COD Mobile Season 4. This can be a one-shot kill weapon at close range with a good shot. To improve this gun’s proficiency, add a Marauder Suppressor and an Extended Barrel to your loadout.

Fennec- SMG

The Fennec, one of the fastest firing weapons in COD Mobile, is an excellent flaking weapon. This SMG complements the Monolithic Suppressor and the RTC Steady Stock well. Even with its range nerf, this gun should be able to hold its own in close combat.


The BK57 is another solid AR for COD Mobile, with high damage and a fast fire rate. Season 4 buffs the BK57 to improve the weapon’s handling, making it a potentially broken gun.


The CBR4 is a great SMG for mid or close range, firing at a high rate and handling with low recoil. When combined with an OWC Marksman barrel and a YKM Combat Stock, players can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

These are currently the most broken guns in COD Mobile Season 4, and we’ll keep you updated on all the new actions of the season related to COD.

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