Call of Duty Season 5 New Weapons

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COD Mobile Season 5 will be released soon, and new weapons for the game have been discovered on the test server. The Call of Duty brand has been enormously popular, and it is wonderful to see that they are also experiencing tremendous success with the mobile game.

The gaming community adores COD Mobile because it reintroduces fan favorites from previous iterations of the game. With fans now enjoying Call of Duty Mobile Season 4, we have no doubt that the programmers will match these huge expectations.

Season 5 will bring new weapons to the game, and there have been leaks of entirely new content. In the approaching season, new legendary weapons, legendary characters, and more may be expected.

In the current season, the developers have included two new weapons in the game: the Koshka sniper rifle and the Kali Sticks melee. Both may be obtained for free by completing objectives and grinding the Battle Pass. 

According to the newest sources, a new assault gun will steal the show next season. Only time will tell how the new weapons will affect the competitive Meta in the game now that the World Championships have begun. According to COD Mobile Season 5 leaks, the iconic Oden assault weapon will be available.

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New Weapons Found in the Test Server

As is common, the Call of Duty Mobile developers tests fresh stuff such as operators and weapons. This is a terrific approach to checking if the Call of Duty community enjoys the developer’s new ideas.

It also assists developers in determining whether any new material contains issues that must be fixed prior to its official release. The most current information was released on Twitter by Call of Duty Mobile Intel, who revealed that the new weapons identified on the new Test Server are:

  • KSP45 (SMG)
  • LCAR9 (Pistol)
  • Oden (AR)

It’s quite exciting to see these three new weapons uploaded to the test server since it should signal that we’ll see them very soon, and they’ll integrate well with the next season 5. Hopefully, more news and weaponry will be disclosed in the near future, providing the gaming community with a diverse choice of fresh stuff to enjoy.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 2022 will be a massive update that will undoubtedly be worth downloading because of all of the new stuff it will provide.

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