COD Mobile Season 4 Koshka Sniper – Unlocking and Gameplay

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The Koshka is unlocked in multiplayer at level 43. The Strelok operator mod improves weapon accuracy during ADSing by lowering hip fire spread while the player focuses down sights. The Koshka may be found in all zombie maps as a weapon within the Mystery Box for 950 points and as a wall weapon for 4500 points. It is the only sniper rifle that can be purchased off the shelf.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4, named “Wild Dogs,” was launched on April 27th, offering a slew of new content, including maps, modes, sandstorms, a gleaming battle pass, and new weaponry. The Koshka sniper rifle is a new functional weapon that will be accessible at launch, and gamers will want to obtain it as quickly as possible.

In this article, we’ll go over how to easily get the Koshka sniper at the start of COD Mobile Season 4, as well as the new gun’s stats and playability, so let’s get started.

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Unlocking Koshka Sniper in COD Mobile Season 4

Following are the steps:

  • In COD Mobile Season 4 2022, the Koshka is a bolt-action sniper rifle. It appears to be fairly powerful for those who enjoy long-range encounters in battle royale or conventional multiplayer.
  • The new functional weapon is accessible through the free levels of the Wild Dogs battle pass. This eliminates the need for you to open your wallet. Reaching Tier 21 unlocks the Koshka sniper in COD Mobile.
  • You can acquire the Koshka fast by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle for 520 CP, which puts you only nine levels away from getting COD Mobile Season 4’s new bolt-action sniper rifle.

The Koshka sniper rifle, once unlocked, will become a permanent fixture in your arsenal for the rest of the season and beyond. Remember that if you don’t open your wallet, you’ll have to grind for several days to have it unlocked.

Gameplay of Koshka Sniper in COD Mobile Season 4

The Koshka sniper in COD Mobile Season 4 has an official description that hints at its gameplay and power: “a strong bolt-action sniper rifle that through Gunsmith can be fashioned into a fast-handling, mobile configuration; a very stable and devastating kit; and anything in between.”

The Koshka sniper’s official baseline stats in COD Mobile Season 4 have yet to be disclosed. Keep an eye out for stats for this deadly new function weapon in COD Mobile Season 4.

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