APK Download Links and New Test Server for COD Mobile Season 5 (2022)

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COD Mobile Season 4 is going to be completed and will shortly be followed by the commencement of the game’s next major season. While COD Mobile Season 5 is still a few weeks away, those interested may try out some of the future content and features by downloading the COD Mobile Season 5 Test Build APK from the link below.

New Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Test Servers have been disclosed, allowing you to check out all of the future content before it is officially released. This will allow gamers to test out new and forthcoming features for COD Mobile Season 5, like a brand-new assault rifle, before the season even begins.

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To see what’s coming to COD Mobile in Season 5, you’ll need to grab the newest Test Build APK download links. Scorestreaks have apparently been tweaked as well. With that stated, if you want to try out all of the new features coming to COD Mobile in Season 5, you can get the current Test Build APK from the links below.

Depending on the version, the download size ranges from 700 to 800 MB. Depending on your device, there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions available. When downloading the COD Mobile Season 5 Test Build APK, we recommend using Wi-Fi.

Test Server Content for COD Mobile Season 5

The first Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 content details have been disclosed via the test servers. While there isn’t much information available, we do know that the Persistence perk has been nerfed. In addition, there will be a Mythic variation of the new attack weapon Oden. Speaking of weaponry, new reload animations have been added. 

The Echo Grenade, which employs sound waves to pinpoint opponent positions, is another piece of material being tested for COD Mobile Season 5 (2022). Finally, changes to scorestreaks are stated to have been made. There are now three unique scorestreak ranks when Persistance is activated.

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