Timings, Rewards, and More for COD Mobile Season 4 Tournament Mode

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COD Mobile Season 4 has officially included a Tournament mode in which users must play random multiplayer games to gain camos and other goodies. This mode was first revealed during the public test build and is now available in the game. The most compelling incentive to play this game is the opportunity to earn free COD points. Because it is free to play, gamers have a strong chance of receiving free COD points if they do well in this mode.

The Tournament mode includes the standard rules and awards that players would expect from a competitive game. It is also a time-limited mode, which means that users may only play it once every week. As a result, it is critical that players put up the finest show possible in the tournament lobbies in order to have a greater shot at the free goodies.

There are also a few paid parts in this mode for gamers who want to improve their prizes. However, the best awards are only accessible based on performance, so all players have an equal opportunity.

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Tournament Mode Timings – COD Mobile Season 4

Tournament mode is only available in the game for three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The events will be held over the course of a season, with each season lasting one month. Furthermore, on the eligible days, the mode is only available for four hours. The times for authorised hours will differ by area.

Tournament Mode Rewards

This mode offers three different types of rewards to players:

Milestone Rewards:

Crown milestones are available for players to reach in order to get milestone prizes. All milestones may be fulfilled with a total of 20 crowns. Red Sprite camo crates are available for weapons, and players that pay a few CPD points may gain additional goodies like crates and Operator skin camos.

Rank Rewards:

Players that reach the top of the leaderboards will receive additional rewards like frames, emotes, and free COD points.

Victory Rewards

Players earn crowns for each game they win and winning four games in a row earns them an extra crown, a calling card, and a Red Sprite box.

Tournament Mode Modes

All of the sub-modes available to players in the tournament mode are listed below:

  • 2v2 Team Deathmatch
  • 2v2 Kill Confirmed
  • Free For All
  • Gunfight
  • Gunfight Team Deathmatch

COD Mobile Season 4 Tournament mode is a straightforward framework for small map competitions. Most game options are limited to four-player lobbies or single-player versions like Free For All. COD Mobile gamers may also receive three different sorts of awards from these events.

COD Mobile participants can play numerous games in the four hours when the event is open every day. The leaderboard will be the goal for most players in order to acquire free COD points and use them to purchase cosmetics from the Store.

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