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How to Unlock Kali Sticks in COD Mobile Season 4

How to Unlock Kali Sticks in COD Mobile Season 4

Call of Duty: Mobile sees the return of the Kali Sticks. It was included as part of the Season 4: Wild Dogs update in April 2022. They have a longer attack range and are dual-wielded melee weapons. The player can use it indefinitely at a high pace.

With the same movement speed, the Kali Sticks are equivalent to most melees. It does, however, have two swings like the Prizefighters, but unlike the Prizefighters, which begin both swings with a single button push, the Kali Sticks swing once with a rapid touch and twice while keeping the button down. There is a little latency between finishing an attack cycle and starting another, but if mastered, the cycles may be executed pretty quickly.

Kali Sticks is a melee option from the Modern Warfare series that was popular in Warzone before throwing knives became popular. Due to its swift movement and high firing rate, Kali Sticks may quickly kill.

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Unlocking Kali Sticks in COD Mobile Season 4

On the Seasonal Events page, COD Mobile users will discover a specific event to obtain the Kali Sticks. In addition to the new melee weapon, they will be able to earn a variety of additional cosmetics, including an operator skin.

The following are all of the tasks that players must accomplish in order to get Kali Sticks in Season 4: Wild Dogs:

In MP matches, throw five flashbang grenades. Battle Pass XP and x200 Credits as a reward
In MP Matches, use the UAV Scorestreak three times.Concussion Grenade and x1000 Battle Pass XP as a reward
In MP matches, you may earn 1000 Scorestreak Points. RPD – Earthen, as well as x2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward
In MP Matches, kill five opponents with any melee weapon. Sup Spray and x2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward
Kill 10 adversaries in MP matches with the Shadow Blade Operator Skill. Cordite – Crash Down, as well as x2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward
Earn the backstabber medal in MP Matches twice. Kali Sticks and x3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward
In MP matches, kill 15 adversaries with any kali stick.Mil-Sim – Crash Down, as well as x3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward

Alongside new Kali Sticks, each task will grant a large amount of Battle Pass XP, allowing players to advance fast through the new Season 4: Wild Dogs Battle Pass. These missions will be inaccessible to COD Mobile players who have not achieved the Shadow Blade operator skill. Players may, however, obtain the Shadow Blade operator talent for free if they have enough Credits.

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