COD Mobile Season 4 Top 5 Loadouts

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If you’ve been paying attention to COD Mobile, you’ll know that the developers wanted to change the meta a little bit in season 4. With the inclusion of two large maps, vehicles, and a slew of other new features, it can be difficult to establish your footing in the metagame.

The meta is critical to the survival of any multiplayer game. This is why the creators attempt to keep it fresh with new weaponry like the Koshka sniper or strong new deadly like the Contact Grenade, especially if you’re trying to go through the ranks.

With Season 4 in full swing, it’s time to evaluate the meta. The massive patch that came with the new season brought several changes to the gameplay. The following are the top five greatest loadouts in COD Mobile Season 4.

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Top 5 Loadouts in COD Mobile Season 4

In a competitive context, the builds are appropriate for the broad player base. Furthermore, if no weapon element is stated, no attachment is required. Please bear in mind this list is based on competitive meta. The Best Loadouts in COD Mobile Season 4 are listed below.

Holger 26

The Holger 26, a mainstay of the LMG arsenal since the early days of Black Ops, is back among the greatest rifles. The Holger has become one of the most dependable firearms, thanks to nerfs to its primary opponents. It’s simple to learn and play, and it works well for both aggressive and defensive players. It works best on tiny maps, although it’s not horrible from a distance. You can’t go wrong with this one, especially if you’re just starting off.


The MAC-10 is the greatest rifle in the game for aggressive play. The fact that the aggressive style is difficult to play is what maintains it so low on the list. Couple that with the gun’s difficult spray pattern to learn, and it’ll take you 50 to 100 games to get excellent at it. It’s also inconvenient to have to squander an attachment on ammo because it has so few rounds in base form. However, beyond those flaws lies a weapon capable of propelling you to the top of the ranks. It always wins 1v1s up close due to its high damage and firing rate. It’s no surprise that the MAC-10 is a favourite among professional lurkers.


This season, the CBR4 is on top of the mountain. Its rapid kill time, high firing rate, and incredibly simple recoil pattern make it one of the greatest firearms in the game, if not the best. The Call of Duty “P90” was on the cusp of the top five in the previous patch, but nerfs to crucial pieces of numerous weapons’ kits propelled it to the top of the list this season. Its accessibility and ease of use also contribute to its success. If you want to ascend quickly, this is a good option.


The “Noob Sniper” has risen to the top once more. Due to the nerfs to disable, one of the most irritating weaponry to deal with has earned a rather substantial indirect benefit. This sent it to the top of the sharpshooter rankings. It’s the most consistent pistol you can use right now, with amazing damage, a good firing rate, and the greatest no scope ability of all snipers. It can also be played aggressively or defensively. It remains to be seen how big of an influence it will have on the meta, but so far, things are looking up for SVD fans.


The M13 is back as one of the greatest weapons in the game. After escaping any severe nerfs with the patch, its main disadvantage is bullet speed. This makes the rifle difficult to utilise in 1v1s at long range. However, in the hands of a skilled player who understands how to position himself, the weapon may easily dominate. The M13 boasts an easy-to-control spray pattern, considerable damage and firing rate, and is once again one of the greatest guns for beginning and low-level players.

So, here’s a guide to the top COD Mobile Season 4 loadouts. Use them if you haven’t already.

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