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Echo- Tiki Troops Shotgun: How to get, stats and more: COD Mobile Season 5

Echo- Tiki Troops Shotgun_ How to get, stats and more_ COD Mobile Season 5

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5, titled Tropical Vision, will be released on June 1 at 5 PM with plenty of new content, including new weaponry. The patch will include two new weapons: the Echo-Tiki Troops Shotgun and the Oden Assault Rifle.

In the Call of Duty franchise, a shotgun is a kind of weapon. Most shotguns, unlike other weapons, fire a volley of many pellets at once but have a restricted range. Shotguns are incredibly lethal at close range but almost worthless at a distance due to their characteristics. Shotguns can be cocked manually, pump-action, lever-action (the operator must pump/cycle the lever between rounds), semi-automatic, or fully automated. 

Pump-action/lever-action shotguns have a slower rate of fire but greater damage and range, whereas semi-automatic/fully automatic/break-action shotguns have a faster rate of fire but less range. Shotguns are the primary weapons in practically all Call of Duty multiplayer modes.

In this article, we will examine the Echo-Tiki Troops Shotgun and offer you detailed instructions on how to obtain it for free, as well as its complete stats so you can decide whether or not to use it in combat.

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How to Unlock Echo-Tiki Shotgun in COD Mobile Season 3

All you have to do to get Echo – Tiki Troops for free is level up in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 battle pass to Tier 26. You may accomplish this by completing events, games, tasks, and challenges to gain Battle Pass XP. However, the battle pass will only be accessible for a month, so get it as soon as possible. 

Echo- Tiki Shotgun Stats

We don’t yet know the exact numbers for Echo-Tiki Troops, but we do know one thing for sure: it will do a lot of damage to your opponents. However, the gun is only useful in close-range battles, so if you like to support your friends from a distance, this weapon may not be for you.

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