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Oden Assault Rifle – How to Get, Stats, and More: COD Mobile Season 5

Oden Assault Rifle- How to get, stats and more_ COD Mobile Season 5

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobile is coming to a conclusion, and anticipation is building for Season 5: Tropical Vision. Activision has previously revealed details about the upcoming COD Mobile Season 5 update, which will add new skins, weaponry, in-game content, and more to the game.

Tropical Vision is no exception, as with the new season comes the addition of a new Oden Assault Rifle to the game’s arsenal. The Oden Assault Rifle was initially featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and has since become one of the game’s most popular assault rifles.

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How to Unlock Oden Assault Rifle in COD Mobile Season 5

As previously stated, the game producers add new weaponry with each new season of the game, and different in-game challenges are necessary to obtain these weapons. To obtain the Oden Assault Rifle, players must accomplish battle pass tier 21.

Fortunately, the weapon is accessible in the battle pass as a Free Tier Reward. Each battle pass tier requires users to accomplish a series of in-game tasks and gain battle pass XP, which aids in the completion of these reward levels.

Oden Assault Rifle Stats

The Oden AR has been imported to CODM from Modern Warfare; however, the stats of the rifle will alter from the original since the gun has been tuned for the mobile version. Here are the full specifications for the forthcoming Oden Assault Rifle:

Fire Rate68

The weapon has a modest damage rate, but its firing rate is rather rapid, allowing you to take on opponents swiftly in close combat with the assistance of your friends.

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