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Fix COD Mobile Network Error 4,28

Fix COD Mobile Network Error 4,28 Error

Call of Duty, after its exceptional success on the PC and console platform, decided to launch a version for mobile Gamers, especially for regions like India and China, where the number of mobile Gamers is at all times peak. This opened up new markets for Call of Duty, and it quite essentially gave the test of what the franchise is to beginners. But with this exceptional regular user base, Came a lot of pressure on the game servers. this leads quickly soils the gaming experience. One such bug is the network error 4,28 This issue prevents you from playing the game at all and this can get really infuriating really quickly in this article we are going to discuss why this issue occurs and how to fix this issue. 

Fix COD Mobile Network Error 4,28

Trouble Shoot Your Internet Connection

One of the first things that a gamer should do while facing a network-based issue be it on PC, console or mobile is to check the status of the internet connection. Check the quality of your Wi-Fi connection from the mobile Wi-Fi settings. you can also momentarily switch to mobile data for a better gaming experience. Also, run a quick network speed test from third-party websites. Reach out to your Telecom provider if you constantly face a Pon internet connection. 

Check Server Status

Since the game is heavily dependent on the server it is always prudential to check the server status of COD mobile. You can do so in a couple of different ways; the first one is to visit the official Activision Support website and check for COD mobile server status, for you can do so via third-party websites like in case the service is down it isn’t much you can do other than waiting it out and try playing the game at a later time.

Check for Updates

As with any other error guide, we always recommend you keep your device and your game updated. The developers are constantly fixing errors, bugs, and glitches which they deliver via OTA updates. In such a case, if you see that the game has an update available from your respective app store, be it the Google Play Store or the Apple app store, we recommend you download the update as soon as possible. Also, check for updates available for your device and install them.

Re-install the game and clear CACHE

If none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps have worked for you we recommend you completely uninstall the game restart your device, and reinstall the game this, in most cases, solves the issues, but if the issue still persists we recommend you clear your cache for clearing your cache all your to do is go to settings and Click on call of duty mobile under apps now go into its storage and click on clear cache. It is to be noted that this step might lead to the loss of data. Only use this step if all other steps have been proven to be useless.

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