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How to Unlock Krueger in COD Mobile Season 4

How to Unlock Krueger in COD Mobile Season 4

Season 4 of COD Mobile introduces a slew of new operators and skins to collect. The new Krueger Dust Up skin has piqued the interest of players. Here’s how to acquire it. Krueger is a major opponent in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Although the game was first poorly received, it increased in popularity among enthusiasts over time. Krueger was therefore reintroduced as an operator in Modern Warfare 2019.

Krueger, as admirers of the character are well aware, is extremely similar to Ghost, except he is an opponent. With the exception of Black Ops 3, his face is always hidden, exactly like Ghosts. Many fans regard them as rivals, despite the fact that they do not meet in the story’s timeframe.

One of the characters released earlier this month was Krueger – Dust Up. So far, the leak has disclosed all of the characters. If you want to know which characters will appear next, we’ve covered the leak extensively here.

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How to Unlock Krueger in COD Mobile Season 4

Following are the steps to unlock Kruger-Dust Up:

  • Fortunately for us, Krueger’s new style is yet another free skin. 
  • The Log-in reward for Season 4 will be Krueger – Dust Up Skin. 
  • To obtain a prize from the login reward tracks, simply log in for the number of days required to obtain the desired reward.
  • For example, logging in for 7 days will get you Krueger – Dust Up. 
  • During the season, you must log in for 7 days. It does not need to be in any specific order. If you skip a day, the countdown will just continue the following time you check-in.

Season 4 debuted with a slew of new spicy additions. You may design the ideal loadout by combining all of the newly introduced battle items:

So, this was all about unlocking the Kruger Dust Up in COD Mobile Season 4. What are you waiting for if you haven’t done it yet?

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