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COD Mobile Season 4 Best LMGs – Tier List

COD Mobile Season 4 Best LMGs - Tier List

In the Call of Duty series, a Light Machine Gun (abbreviated as LMG) is a type of weapon.

The LMG is your weapon of choice in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4: War Dogs if you want to overwhelm your opponents with pure firepower. These weapons are great for those looking for something with a little more bite, as they combine ranged power with a huge magazine.

Light machine guns are a cross between an assault rifle and a heavy machine gun. Light machine guns have the same ammo and power as heavy machine guns, but do more damage and have the same capacity as submachine guns; nonetheless, performance and behaviour have varied between games. While most Light Machine guns have magazines that contain more than 75 rounds and have sluggish handling qualities, there have been rare exceptions.

And, while there are many machine guns in Call of Duty: Mobile, they are not all equal. That’s where our tiered list of the best LMGs in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4: War Dogs comes in.

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LMGs Tier List: COD Mobile Season 4

S-TierWeapons at the top of the rank that do not require upgrades to be the best at what LMGs do; however, they can be upgraded to be even more powerful and dominate the game.Holger 26, Chopper, Hades
A-TierWhen combined with the appropriate attachments, these weapons can compete with S-tier weapons and outperform the tiers below at the base.M4LMG
B-TierLMGs in this tier are in the middle of the options available, and with the right loadout, they can be formidable, but not the best.RPD
C-TierLMGs in the C-tier are almost never worth considering as primary weapons, but they can make good backups if you equip the best attachment options for them.PKM
D-TierLast but not least, these LMGs will not serve you well in any way and should not be considered for your loadout.UL-736, S36

With its high damage output over a medium to long-range and very controllable recoil that offers the perfect balance for an LMG, it appears that the Holger will remain at the top of the list in season 4.

That concludes our ranking of the best LMGs in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4: War Dogs. If you haven’t used these LMGs before, go ahead and try them out.

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