Silver Coins and Its Use in V Rising

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There is a trading aspect in V Rising, where you can use Silver Coins to buy items from merchants. In this guide, we will see what else can be done with Silver Coins in V Rising.

Silver Coins and Its Use in V Rising

Silver Coins are a form of currency in V Rising, but as a Vampire, you cannot be exposed to them for long periods. Here we will see all the uses of Silver Coins in V Rising.

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You will come across silver coins while on your journey through Vardoran, especially in the latter part of the game, but you will quickly realize that your health will start to drain if you keep them on you. Instead of tossing them out, it is best to keep them safe in your Castle, as they are useful in buying items from merchants. If you wish to trade using Silver Coins, you will first need some Silver Resistance potion to help you carry them in your inventory. You will also need to unlock your human form to trade with merchants. You can get human form after defeating Beatrice the Tailor. If you wish to farm more coins, you can head over to Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills, but this area is teaming with high level monsters, so you should come prepared.

Using Silver Coins, you will be able to purchase any item you wish from various merchants throughout Vardoran. Merchants carry items that you would need for crafting and supplies, and it is an easier method instead of farming or scavenging for them in the wild.

That’s all there is to know about Silver Coins in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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