How to Construct Prison Cell in V Rising

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V Rising is a unique vampire-themed survival game where players need to play as vampires, and their objective is to blood hunt, enslave humans, and conquer the world. When you are enslaving people, you need to captive or imprison them in a place to prevent them from running away. That’s where players need the Prison Cell in V Rising. 

This guide will help you know how to construct a Prison Cell in V Rising.

Prison Cell Making in V Rising- The Process

In V Rising, the Vampires need to imprison the enslaved humans, or they need to captive them inside their castle to get their blood when required. Having a prison full of humans helps the Vampire to keep his blood level high without going out. 

The Prison Cell needs 12 Iron Ingot to be built. But first, you need to unlock the Prison Cell recipe by killing Vincent the Frostbringer. He is a level 40 boss who roams around the Dunley Farmlands. He is pretty challenging to defeat, and it’s always better to take a friend with you when you are going to fight with a higher-level Blood Boss. If you have difficulties locating the boss, take the help of the Blood Altar to track him.

Once you get 12 Iron Ingots and unlock the Prison Cell recipe, now you start making it by opening the Build menu. The prison cell will be inside the Dominance tab under the Production menu.

That’s all you need to know about making a Prison Cell in V RIsing. After you make a Prison Cell, it’ll be better to fill it up with humans. Stocking humans are good for your survival as a Vampire. However, if you don’t know how to make a Prison Cell in V Rising, check out our guide for required information.

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