How to Find Flax in Valheim – Flax Location

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Valheim has taken over the entire gaming community, which is quite rare for an Early Access game. We assume this is because of the low price of the game paired with an incredible gaming experience that resonates with the early days of Minecraft, not to mention the survival Viking element also contributed to its success.

As you spend several days and week into the game and upgrade your weapons, you will eventually require the Linen Thread for a range of weapons and armor. That’s where you would require Flax. However, players are having difficulty finding the resource in the game. Don’t worry through, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to know how to find Flax in Valheim. We will share the exact locations within the game where you can find Flax.

How to Find Flax in Valheim – Flax Location

To find Flax in Valheim, you should visit the Plains biome and set up a portal there. If you have not set up a portal, you have to travel there by foot. Once you are in the Plains, search for Fuling villages. Another thing to note at this point is that, you should have defeated the Moder or gone past the Mountain biome before you visit the Plains biome. Defeating the Moder will unlock the recipe for various items including the use of Flax.

Fulling villages are easier to spot or find. But, be careful of the Deathsquito while in the plains. Fulings are manageable creatures on their own, but can be a handful when in groups. You will need Iron Longsword and other iron weapons to take care of the Fulings. The Stagbreaker also does the job fine.

Fuling villages are filled with fullings and you need to deal with a bunch of them before you can start looking for Flax. Once the mobs are taken care of, search the ground for planted seeds, you will find Barley and Flax seed. Barley is more common but you will also find Flax. Once you have found the seeds, take them back to your farm and plant them to get Flax in Valheim.

How to Use Flax in Valheim

After defeating the Moder, you will acquire the item to make the Artisan Table that can be used to make the Spinning Wheel. Using the Spinning Wheel, you can use Flax to make Linen Thread. Once you have Linen Thread, you can make items like Blackmetal Sword, Porcupine, Blackmetal knife, Blackmetal Axe, Blackmetal Atgeir, Padded Greaves, Padded Cuirass, Padded Helmet, and Linen Cape.

So, that’ how you acquire Flax in Valheim and use it to make powerful weapons that you would require in the more advanced stages of the game.  

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