How to Craft Padded Armor in Valheim

How to Craft Padded Armor in Valheim

It is clear that to progress in Valheim you need to have the best weapons that you can afford to gradually overcome all the challenges of the game. But, you must not neglect the defense and also be equipped with quality armor. Having the Wolf Armor will come in handy when you enter the Mountain biome, but if you want to have the best defense in your game you need the Padded Armor.

In this guide, we will give all the necessary information on how to Craft Padded Armor in Valheim.

Resources Required to Craft a Padded Armor

To craft Padded Armor Set in Valheim, you first need to create three pieces: Padded Helmet, Padded Gambeson, and Padded Greaves.

These are the ingredients you need to create each piece of the Padded Armor:

Padded Helmet:

– 10x Iron

– 15x Linen Thread

Padded Cuirass:

– 10x Iron

– 20x of Linen Thread

Padded Greaves:

– 10x Iron

– 20x of Linen Thread

Thus, you will need 55 Linen Threads and 30 Irons to craft the complete set in the forge. Also, make sure to upgrade your Forge to unlock these items.

To be able to create the full Padded Armor you need to have your Forge improved.

Now we come to the main question

How to Craft Padded Armor in Valheim

Check these following complete steps to learn how to craft Padded Armor in Valheim.

1. First you need to beat the Elder to unlock Iron

2. Use the Wishbone to find Scrap Iron in Muddy Scrap Piles beneath the ground

3. You need to use Smelter to make a stack of 30 Iron.

4. Kill Moder to get Dragon tear and utilize it to craft Artisans Table.

5. Artisans Table will unlock the Spinning Wheel, Windmill, and Blast Furnace for you.

6. Craft and place Spinning Wheel. This converts Flax into a Linen Thread.

7. Now, you need to go to the Plains biome.

8. You can find Flax around Fuling Camps and in this biome.

9. Now, you need to use them on Spinning Wheel to make Linen thread.

10. Once you will collect 55 Linen Threads, then go to Forge.

11. Here you can craft all the armor pieces.

This is all the information you need to know how to craft a Padded Armor in Valheim. 

If you want to add something to the guide you can leave a comment below. We hope this guide has helped you and we will see you in the next one.

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