How to Make a Cooking Station to Cook Meat in Valheim

Food is an important part of any survival video game and Valheim is no different. You can kill Deer, Boar, and other animals to obtain Raw Meat in the game, but it requires to be cooked over a Cooking Station before it can be consumed. Food is important for building stamina and health in the game. So, if you are starting out with the game and don’t know how to make a Cooking Station to cook meat in Valheim, this guide is for you. Keep scrolling to know more.

How to Build a Cooking Station in Valheim

There are two uses of the Cooking Station in Valheim, you can either cook raw meat, which is the main use or leave the meat on the fire unattended and it will eventually turn to coal. Coal is required for some mead recipes besides other uses.

In order for the cooking station to work, you need fire under it, a campfire can do the job just fine. In fact, you can place multiple Cooking Stations on a Campfire, 6 being the maximum.

To build the cooking station in Valheim, you require just 2 Wood. Open Inventory and select Hammer, go to the Misc. tab by pressing F and select Cooking Station by pressing E. Next, you can use the LMB keys on the keyboard to place the Cooking Station over fire.

Valheim - Cooking Station

Place the Cooking Station closer to the house, but some place where you don’t step on it or you will lose health.

Having built the Cooking Station, the next thing you require is fire and Campfire does the job best as can place multiple cooking stations over it. A Campfire requires 5 Stone and 2 Wood. The process of building it is similar to the above. Once it’s built, use the LMB keys on the Keyboard to place it under the cooking station.

The Campfire is automatically lit and to keep it burning, you need to add additional wood from time to time. Now, simply add the meat to the station and you will get cooked meat instantly. When the meat is cooked, pick it up or it will turn to coal, which you cannot eat. So, that’s how to build Cooking Station and cook meat in Valheim. Check out the game category for more guides and tips.

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