Valheim Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Valheim Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Valheim is the new co-op Viking survival game that’s available on Steam on Early Access and currently standing at the 2nd most sold game on Steam. The visuals of the game are appealing and it has some mechanics that’s similar to other survival games. As with most games in this genre, you first need to understand the mechanics to be truly successful in the quests and beating the game. Players have filled various forums with all kinds of basic questions about the game. We have compiled those questions in this guide with their answers. Continue to scroll to know the basics of Valheim.

How to fast travel in Valheim?

As with most survival games, you have to astray far from your home base in search for resources or to complete activities. For example, a trip to Black Forest and back can take as much as 20 minutes or more. As such, you must be wondering if there is a faster way to travel in Valheim.

To fast travel in Valheim, you need to use Portals. Like most of the things in the game, you have to unlock the craft. You can unlock the craft as you play through the game and reach a point where you have to go into some dungeons. You will unlock the craft to use portal there and can use it to quick travel from one place to the other. The resources required are 10 Greydwarf Eye, 20 Fine Wood, 2 Surtling Core, and Workbench.

How do your farm or plant seed in the ground in Valheim?

A lot of players have the seed in the game, but they are unable to sow it. If you are wondering how to farm in Valheim or plant seeds in the ground, you need to make the Cultivator using the Forge. It uses bronze. The forge need copper to make and you make bronze with copper and tin.

Once you have made the Cultivator, you can use it to plant seeds of all kinds in the ground.

How do we tame and breed animals such as boars in Valheim?

You need to offer the animals the specific food they require when they are hungry to tame them. In order to tame Bores in Valheim, you need to offer them brown mushrooms. The entire process can take a while. Drop the mushrooms from the inventory near the bore and wait for it to get hungry and eat your offering. When the process has worked, you will be able to see golden hearts emanating out of the bore, which suggests the animal has been tamed.

Be aware through, if the bore sees you the entire plan will foil and the animal will charge at you. The tame goes off after a while and you will need to repeat the process in order to keep the bore tamed.   

Can you move work stations in Valheim?

While there is no way to pick and move the workstation, you can use the hammer to destroy the current work station and rebuild it at another location. When you destroy them with the hammer, you will get all your resources back.

How to get Core Wood in Valheim?

We are not sure about this one, but you most likely have to go to Black Forest and chop Pine to get the Core Wood in Valheim.

That’s all we have in this guide, keep visiting for more on the game.


  1. The next question people ask is “How do I get a Pickaxe”.

    It’s pretty simple really. Get yourself geared up with the most up to date weapons and ammo (flint arrows). Take an offering to the Eikthyr shrine and offer it a “Deer Trophy” upon killing Eikthyr, you will recieve an antler and his head which will allow you to get the recipe “Antler Pickaxe” offering you the first Pickaxe in the game unlocking the next step to farm Copper and Tin. Copper which is inside the Black Forest and Tin which is also in the Black Forest but along the coast line.

    1. Thnaks Enarchy.

      1. of course!

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