Valheim – How to Get Obsidian, Wolf Armor, Lox Cape, and Craft Frost Arrows

Among the several biomes in Valheim is the ‘The Mountain.’ It hold a lot of secrets you can uncover. But, it’s also a biome that would make you feel the Dark Forest was a cosy place. The mobs at the location are strong and fast. However, if you manage to get past the Cold, Wolves, the Drakes or the Dragon Hatchlings, and the Stone Golem, there are unique resources and weapons in the biome like the Obsidian and Wolf Armor. You can use the Obsidian to make Frost Arrows, a powerful weapon in the game. So, stick with us and we will show you how to get Obsidian, Wolf Armor, and craft Frost Arrows in Valheim.

Before you venture into ‘The Mountain,’ ensure that you have crafted the Frost Resistance potion.     

How to Get Obsidian in Valheim

The Obsidian is a material that can only be found the Mountain biome in Valheim. To get the Obsidian in Valheim search the biome and be on the lookout for small, sharp edged, and igneous rocks. They appear to be black in colour as shown in the image below. Although hard to find, you will usually find a bunch at one place. So, when you find them, you will either have 3-4 four of them. You can use the Obsidian to craft the Frost Arrows and Obsidian Arrows. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to make the arrows.  

Valheim – Obsidian

How to Get Wolf Armor in Valheim

Besides the Frost Resistance potion, the Wolf Armor is another way to protect yourself from the cold of ‘The Mountain’ biome. To get the Wolf Armor in Valheim, you have to acquire Silver, which will unlock the recipe to craft the armor. Silver like several other minerals are hidden underground and you have to mine for it. Having the Wishbone and equipping it can help you find the resource.

Valheim - Wolf Armor

There is possibly another way to get Silver that easier than mining, especially, if you don’t have the Wishbone. After you have defeated the third boss – the Bonemass. You will unlock a way to get Silver. Once the recipe is unlocked, you will require the wolf pelt besides other things to get the armor.

How to Get Lox Cape in Valheim

Similar to the Wolf Armor, you can get the Lox Cape in Valheim by discovering silver. Once the recipe is unlocked, you require the Lox Fur. Even if you don’t have Silver and only the fur, you can make Rugs instead of Cape with them. Another resource required for the Lox Cape is Linen Thread.

We don’t know more about the Lox Cape at the moment. We will update the post when we know more.  

How to Craft Frost Arrows and Obsidian Arrow in Valheim

You need to find the Obsidian from ‘The Mountain’ biome to unlock the recipe for both the Frost Arrows and the Obsidian Arrows. To find the Obsidian, scour the Mountain biome and look for sharp-edged, black rocks that shine. You will usually find a few in one place.

To craft the Obsidian arrow in Valheim, you need the Workbench level 3 and the recipe includes 8 Wood, 4 Obsidian, and 2 Feathers.

To craft the Frost arrow in Valheim, you need the Workbench level 4 and the recipe includes 8 Wood, 4 Obsidian, 2 Feather, and 1 Frost Iron.   


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