Valheim – How to Get Wishbone and Its Use

Valheim - How to Get Wishbone and It's Use

As you progress in the game and defeat the few two bosses, you would have acquired several utility items, but that’s not all the game has to offer. While keeping your focus on the progress in the game, you should also watch out for new items that can make survival easier and help you get stronger. That includes weapons, armor, new items, recipes, resources, and utility items such as the Wishbone. The Wishbone was introduced to the game by the developers around Oct 2019, but you need to defeat the first two bosses to even have a shot at the item. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to get Wishbone in Valheim and its use.

Valheim – How to Get Wishbone and Its Use

To get the Wishbone is Valheim, you will have to defeat the third boss – the Bonemass. The wishbone is an item that drops when you defeat the third boss. It is capable of indicating the presence of certain items and metals. Here is how to get the Wishbone in Valheim.

How to Defeat Bonemass in Valheim

To get the Wishbone you will have to defeat Bonemass, the third boss in the game. You can summon the boss by placing Wither Bones at the skull alter in the Swamps. The Wither Bones can be found in the dungeons in the Swamp Biome.

Once the Bonemass is summoned, you will have to beat it for the Wishbone to drop. To effective defeat the boss, use blunt weapons such as the iron maces, swords, or other melee weapons. Ranged weapons do not have much effect on the Bonemass. The ideal weapons to use against the boss are Iron Mace, Stagbreaker, and Wooden Club.

Also, don’t walk alone in the fight with the boss, he’s next to impossible to beat single-handedly. Also, have poison resistance mead. Everyone in the group should have at least five they can use. Form a strategy when you go at the Bonemass.

Often the ADS skeleton and slimes can gather up and attack, at the time, the Stagbreaker is highly useful and one person in the group should take charge of that while the others focus on the boss. Keep attacking the Bonemass with blunt weapons and when he starts to use poison attack, walk past the poison, but don’t stay in it for long or you will take lethal damage.

When your health is low, avoid poison attacks completely and take time to heal health. If you keep at it, eventually the Bonemass will be defeated and the Wishbone would drop.

Uses of the Wishbone in Valheim

As mentioned earlier, the Wishbone is a utility item that can help you detect other valuable items and metals when they are nearby. When you equip the item, it produces a chime and visual effect that would increase as you approach the valuable item. From what we know so far, the Wishbone can detect chests and silver veins that are hidden underground.

There may be other things the Wishbone can detect that we haven’t discovered yet. If you know them, let us know in the comments. That concludes the guide on how to get Wishbone in Valheim. For more, check out the game category.  

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