Valheim – How to Get Stagbreaker

Valheim - How to Get the Stagbreaker

The Stagbreaker is a great weapon to have in the game, especially when you are taking on multiple mobs at a time. It’s a hammer made of stag horns and when hit on the ground, it pushes all nearby enemies further dealing everyone damage that comes in the radius. The weapon is great when you go venturing into the Black Forest and comes across hordes of Greydwarf and the Greydwarf Brute. So, if you are thinking of getting the hammer for yourself, stick with the post as we will show you how to get Stagbreaker in Valheim.


How to Get Stagbreaker in Valheim

The in-game description of the Stagbreaker is, “A weapon worthy of the gods! If you hit with this, you’ll know it…” To get the Stagbreaker, you will need to unlock the blueprint, which requires fir/pine wood and core wood. After you have defeated the first boss the Eikthyr, go into the Black Forest and build a basic camp and workshop.

Once you have the workshop setup, your will require 20 Core Wood, 5 Deer Trophies, and 2 Leather Scraps to craft the Stagbreaker. Open the Workbench and craft the hammer.

That’s all, it’s quite easy to build the weapon and it’s a great tool to have against a range of mobs.

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