How to Beat the Moder in Valheim – Boss Fight Tips

How to Beat the Moder in Valheim - Boss Fight Tips

The Moder is the fourth boss in Valheim and the most difficult to defeat so far. There are other bosses in the game, but we haven’t found them yet. The Moder is a Wyvern, “a winged two-legged dragon with a barbed tail.” He is large, black in colour and white hairs on the back and legs. Like all bosses in Valheim, you will first have to summon the Moder before you can take him on a fight. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to summon and beat the Moder in Valheim.

How to Summon Moder in Valheim

To summon the Moder in Valheim, you need to acquire 3 Dragon Eggs and take it to the sacrificial alter in ‘The Mountain’ biome. The Altar is distinctively identifiable and you should know it from one look having visited the others in previous biomes. It is circular and made of stones. In the Alter, you will find three bowls, where you need to place the three eggs.

Once you place the eggs in the bowl, the entire place will light up red and the Moder will appear.

How to Beat the Moder in Valheim

To beat the Moder in Valheim, you will require to unlock certain items. The first is protection against cold. Without protection, you won’t stand very long in the cold. The Wolf Armor and Frost Resistance Potions can help you bear the fight. You would also want to equip yourself with Fire Arrows that deal a good amount of damage to the Moder. You normal ranged attacks won’t be of use here. When the Moder is in air, you should fire as many Arrows at it as possible.

He has the ability to fly as well as fight on land, which he will do in the fight. When the boss is in air, his attack of choice is a projectile that turns into crystalline formations upon impact. When the Moder lands, make your distance, dodge his attacks and keep firing with your arrows at all time.  

Valheim - Moder

While on the ground, the Moder has two types of attacks the blizzard breath that can freeze you and the swipe attack with either claws. The best time for melee attacks is when the Moder roars. He is most vulnerable at the time.

Both the projective and the cold breath can slow you down for 15 seconds if impacted. If that happens, the Moder will have the opportunity to hand a succession of swipe and other attacks. The Frost Resistance potions can be useful here.

Keep the attacks in mind, take a few players with you and keep attacking the Moder, eventually he will come down.

We will update the post when we know of other more effective weapons against the Moder. Our guess is the weapons unlocked in the Mountain biome should be effective such as Frost Arrows.    

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