How to Craft Porcupine in Valheim

Without a doubt, the Porcupine is a behemoth of a weapon in Valheim. We have seen the stats of all the end-game weapons like Black Sword, Frostner, Silver Sword, Black Metal Atgeir, etc. But, nothing comes close to the mace. It is by far the best weapon in the game. It is faster than a sword, a one-handed weapon, and deals huge damage. Some mobs and bosses in the game take less damage from pierce weapons, while other blunt weapons. The Porcupine is a weapon that deals both blunt and pierce damage. If you are wondering how to craft Porcupine in Valheim, keep scrolling and we will show you how.

How to Unlock or Get Porcupine in Valheim

To craft Porcupine in Valheim you need a level 4 Forge. Build a Forge Toolrack and place it near the Forge to upgrade it to level 4. Once the Forge is upgraded, to unlock Porcupine, you need to find Linen Thread in the game. To make Linen thread, you require the Spinning Wheel and Flax.

After unlocking it by obtaining the Linen Thread, you can make Porcupine in Valheim with the following resources.

  • Fine wood 5
  • Iron 20
  • Needle 5
  • Linen thread 10

While you know how to obtain the other resources to craft the weapon, the Needle is a resource dropped by Deathsquito. You need to kill the Deathsquito to obtain the item.

After gathering all the resources, open the Forge menu and craft the Porcupine.

Valheim -Porcupine - Stats

This is a one-handed weapon with weight of 2.0, quality of 1, durability of 150, blunt of 50, pierce of 45, block power of 20, parry force of 30, 2X parry bonus, knockback of 90, 3x backstab, and quite with just -5% sacrifice of movement speed. You require the repair station to be level 4 to repair it.

To be able to make the Porcupine in Valheim, you need to beat the Moder boss as after its defeat you will unlock craft to make a lot of item and without those items you cannot craft the weapon. So, if you are aiming for this weapon, you would have at least progressed to the sage where you have beaten the Moder, if not, you cannot make the weapon.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and how to make other powerful weapons like the Draugr Fang – an unmatched ranged weapon.           

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