How to Defeat Ekriks Graycloud, The Precipice of Chaos in Salt and Sacrifice

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Mages may be found in Salt and Sacrifice’s Ashbourne Village. Arzhan-Tin Celus Zend, the Ceaseless Fury, wields fire magic. Ekriks Graycloud and the Mourning Winter both cast ice. The Precipice of Chaos, Ekriks Graycloud revolves entirely around electricity. He’s the final of the elemental three you’ll encounter, and he’s no laughing matter. 

First and foremost, expect a lot of yellow on the screen during this duel. It might be difficult to comprehend all that is going on, but understanding Ekriks’ attacks is critical to success. He wields a sword like his other Mages, yet he attacks in a unique manner. Here’s how to beat him without being burned.

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How to Beat Eriks Graycloud, The Precipice of Chaos in Salt and Sacrifice

The beginning of this hunt can be found in Valesnight Square, on the platforms directly below The Green Huntsman’s boss arena. Jump up and begin your hunt – the wizard should be close.

The initial swipe is simple to avoid, but whether you roll behind or away from him, you must keep an eye out for the following. He’ll strike his sword into the ground, unleashing columns of lightning from the blade in both directions. You’ll have to get through these as well before you can safely assault him.

He can also shoot lightning columns at any point throughout the arena, so expect to roll past them outside of the sword combination. Finally, he possesses two distinct electric orb attacks. The first is a pair that hovers around him and shoots forth sporadic sparks in a pretty large area of impact. It’s conceivable to find a secure location beneath them and attack, but it’s preferable to simply back off for a time.

The other orb will close in on you before exploding into three smaller sparks. Be prepared to dodge secondary sparks whether you block the spell or roll through it.

Ekriks Graycloud enjoys saturating the arena with electricity, but he’ll succumb to the same fate as everyone else if you deliver enough damage. Dance around his strikes, heal frequently, and attack whenever possible. You’ll eventually cut off this Mage’s current.

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