How to Get Black Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice

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As you go through Salt and Sacrifice, you will need more Black Starstone. You’ll use it on your Skill Tree to unlock skills for your character, enhancing their powers and granting them access to certain builds as they go through the game. Black Starstone may be obtained in a variety of methods. Gray Starstones, on the other hand, may be used to retrieve a Black Starstone by unlearning a node.

While the Skill Tree may appear daunting at first look, it is actually rather straightforward, and you will most likely end up following it in a linear fashion. There are basically two kinds of nodes:

  • Stat Nodes: These are the smaller ones that give +1 to a certain stat. For instance, “Fortified Strength” boosts your strength by 1. Once unlocked, you can spend additional Black Starstones to raise the same stat up to five times on the same node.
  • Class Slots: These are larger nodes that can only be unlocked once. They grant stats as well as the ability to employ a certain sort of weapon, armour, or runic art. The “Class 3 Vanguard,” for example, requires two Blackstones. It will grant +2 to Strength and allow you to equip Class 3 Vanguard Weapons without penalty once unlocked.

Here’s all you need to know about obtaining Black Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Get Black Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice

The best way to obtain Black Starstone is as a level-up reward. When you get to the shrine and have reached the required salt level to progress a level, you will be given a Black Starstone. Instead, at every fifth level, you’ll obtain a Gray Starstone, a far rarer substance. 

We suggest wandering through the game, farming through the adversaries, and collecting their salt if you’re looking for extra Black Starstones for your Skill Tree. When you’ve completed your quest, return to Pardoner’s Vale to interact with the Shrine and level up your character.

Alternatively, you might be able to find them while you play the game. We found one after fighting one of the Mages in Ashbourne Village and advancing through it. The object might be found in a chest.

Return to the Shrine where you level up in Pardoner’s Vale and select the Skill Tree option to utilise a Black Starstone. You must now choose a Skill for your character. Each ability takes a Black Starstone to acquire, and unlocking them boosts your character’s attributes and grants them access to a distinctive feature.

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