What It Means To Become Guiltless In Salt and Sacrifice

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When you first start the game, your character will be in-between life and death. In this guide, we will see what status being Guiltless holds in Salt and Sacrifice.

What It Means To Become Guiltless In Salt and Sacrifice

The lore of Salt and Sacrifice is that your character passed through the Magebane Rite while dying in the presence of magic, so now you are neither dead nor alive, but a state in-between. Here we will see what it means to become Guiltless in Salt and Sacrifice.

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Being Guiltless is a state of being amongst the living again. You will get some perks from being Guiltless, such as increased health and a better appearance. To become Guiltless, you will need to find Guiltless Shards. You can find these Shards during your exploration, either by checking chests and bags or from enemy drops. You can also reload the area to loot the same chests or pouches to get more Guiltless Shards.

You can find Guiltless Shards in your inventory, and you can equip and use them whenever you need them. But it is ideal to keep them aside for a rainy day, as using them not only brings your character back to life but will also give you a full health bar. While being part undead and part living, you will be afflicted with the Spellmark Curse, which will take out a chunk of your max HP. Once you use a Guiltless Shard, you will have recovered your full health, giving you more HP to take down difficult bosses. So it is best to use them during emergencies and while tackling Mages. But if you are obliterated, you will lose all benefits of the Shard, and you will revert to your previous state.

That’s all there is to know about being Guiltless in Salt and Sacrifice. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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