How to Beat Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine Boss – Salt and Sacrifice

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A poison-themed robotic boss, Animus Kane in Salt and Sacrifice is unmistakably different in this game. It is, however, not a major issue. The following are the foes that the Mechanomancer enjoys summoning:

  • Bipeds are lovely tiny robots that offer no danger.
  • Clockwork Guards, novice picket robots. They will stunlock you with their attacks if you confront them alongside other enemies.
  • Bogminers are spider-like structures that should be dealt with quickly to avoid taking up too much of your time.

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How to Defeat Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine Boss

The starting point for this search is just below the entrance to Veruna’s Shrine. To reach to this location, use the western exit from The Great Tree’s top-level – you’ll need the Luminstone first.

Following are the attacks of Anamus Kane:

  • Stomp and Spray: The wizard stomps down hard and then follows up with some poisonous spray. You should be cautious of the spray’s range; roll aside further than necessary to be safe.
  • Smash and Punch: The magician slams both metal fists on the ground in front of them, followed by a single punch. Because of its delayed beginning, this is easily avoided.
  • Toxic Bombs: Similar to the previous attack, the wizard instead releases three bombs into the air that fall to their sides, with one dropping immediately below them. Because they travel slowly, and simply roll through the explosion.
  • Toxic Rockets: The Mechanomancer launches two to three poison rockets at the same time. This strike will follow you, but only from the point of attack, thus remaining on the move will keep you safe.
  • Poisonous Spray: The wizard sprays a toxic cloud in front of and below them. If you can roll through the mage at the onset of this assault, their back is open for vengeance.
  • Leaping Slam: The Mechanomancer leaps toward you and slams their fists into the ground. This assault has exceptional range and is typically utilised as a gap-closer despite its diminutive size.

Getting caught by any of the poisonous strikes described above will cause the poison status condition to accumulate. Always have some Antidotes on hand – store them in the slot adjacent to your Hearthen Flask for easy access.

The Mechanomancer’s vulnerability, like that of many other mage bosses, is the slowness of their strikes. The Smash and Punch move is easily rolled through and punished, while Toxic Bombs may do a lot of damage in the initial second. Because this boss’s ranged choices are limited, consider bringing a strong ranged weapon and a full round of ammo. You should be alright if you avoid Leaping Slam.

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