How Nahida Fits Into Burgeon Teams in Genshin Impact Version 3.2

 How Nahida Fits Into Burgeon Teams in Genshin Impact Version 3.2

Genshin Impact’s Dendro meta changed with the release of Nahida the Dendro Archon. She was so meta-changing that Pyro finally became relevant in the Dendro meta- especially Burgeon reactions. In this article, we’ll map how Nahida changed Burgeon and opened up new possibilities for Dendro teambuilding with Pyro in the mix.

How Nahida Made Pyro Relevant in the Dendro Meta

Before the release of Nahida, Pyro was a strict no-no in Dendro teams because of lack of teambuilding options and overall viability and consistency. Pyro and Dendro led to Burning which did Damage over Time (DoT) and unless both your Dendro unit and your Pyro unit had high EM, Burning was unreliable and did little damage compared to other Dendro team comps.

Burgeon was a bit more likeable as a reaction as it meant using Pyro to explode Bloom Cores. This did a lot of damage. This reaction however had its own limitations and ICD which was the first major problem that held it back. The second problem was that there were no units suitable for Burgeon other than Thoma who’s a low-ranked average support shielder.

With the release of Nahida in Genshin Impact 3.2, her consistent off-field Dendro application through her E skill refreshed the Burning aura of the Pyro and Dendro in set intervals. And since her Dendro application is so strong, this also meant that Dendro took priority over Pyro for other reactions. 

With the constantly refreshing Pyro on enemies you could set up some powerful Melt and Vaporise variation with her on the team. This also meant that if you hit a Burning opponent with Hydro, they will create a Bloom core instead of just extinguishing the Pyro.

This in turn makes Burgeon reactions very powerful and consistent as no matter your rotations, you will consistently be creating Dendro Cores while maintaining Burning and also triggering Burgeon with your next Pyro application.

How to Build Burgeon Teams

Building Burgeon teams is easy since you have a clear idea of who are the ones responsible for reactions. 

In any Burgeon team, the Hydro applies Hydro to enemies, then Dendro is applied for creating the Dendro Cores. Finally the Pyro application causes these cores to explode dealing high amounts of damage.

Burgeon, like Hyperbloom is a transformative reaction entirely based on EM so the higher the EM on your Pyro unit, the more damage you get from the Burgeon explosions. As of now, the only reliable and consistent Burgeon unit in the game is Thoma who fires periodic waves of Pyro when characters use NAs within his burst’s refreshing shield.

In a Nahida Burgeon team, you can also be sure that sometimes the Pyro will only react with the Dendro to cause Burning and we already know Nahida has powerful off-field Dendro DMG provided she’s causing reactions. Thus both Nahida and her Pyro friend will have to have high EM with the Burgeon trigger having the higher EM stat of the two.

The Hydro unit can be a healer like Barbara or Kokomi or you can also use sub-dps units like Xinqiu, Yelan or Childe. Two Hydro units are preferable for Hydro resonance since Nahida quickly removes the Hydro aura with her strong Dendro application. Hydro resonance also grants bonus HP% to all party members which you will need to tank the Burgeon explosions to some extent- and the extra HP will also be useful in case you use your Hydro healers.

The fourth slot is a flex slot which can either be a Hydro unit for Hydro resonance or it could be Zhongli for his shield. You can also use Bennett for healing and buffing damage. Anemo units like Sucrose, Kazuha or even Venti are also preferable as they can gather up the Dendro Cores and Swirl Pyro. Kazuha and Sucrose can also buff teammates with Elemental DMG and or EM.  

Best Burgeon Teams With Nahida

Nahida allows for flexible teambuilding and when it comes to Burgeon, you have more options other than just Thoma who’s currently the dedicated Burgeon DPS.

Hydro Teammates

The reason Candace isn’t on this list is because she doesn’t yet synergise as well into the current Dendro meta and is actually expected to have her potential locked by future characters. All of the following characters synergise well into Nahida Burgeon teams and in this list we attempt to briefly denote their individual roles.

  • Xinqiu: Single-target, off-field sub-dps with superarmour and low healing.
  • Barbara: AoE Hydro application and healing.
  • Yelan: Single-target, off-field sub-dps with mobility and crowd control abilities.
  • Kokomi: Powerful AoE Hydro application and healing.
  • Mona: AoE Hydro application, enemy taunt and team-buffing abilities.
  • Ayato: AoE Hydro application and sub-dps.
  • Childe: Fastest Hydro application and quick-swap sub-dps.

Pyro Teammates

You would think a certain character would be a loner here but no. The following characters all work in Nahida Burgeon comps.

  • Thoma: Off-field shielder and sub-dps (though you’ll build him with EM and not HP)
  • Xiangling: Off-field sub-dps.
  • Hu Tao: Main DPS (with units like Xinqiu/Yelan).
  • Diluc: Burst DPS.

Alternatively you could also use Kazuha with the likes of Bennett to replicate the consistent Pyro application by using Kazuha’s Q (Burst) on enemies affected by Burning and then using Hydro to trigger Blooms and thereby- Burgeon. One such team is called the Intergrassional Team which comprises Childe, Nahida, Bennett and Kazuha who all hail from different nations of Teyvat.  

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