Is Childe Still Viable in Genshin Impact Version 3.2

Amay De
Amay De

Childe- the Rerun Archon is finally getting his rerun in the second half of Version 3.2 and newer players might be wondering if he’s worth it. Since the release of Dendro, his power and potential have gone largely unnoticed- primarily because he hasn’t had a rerun in a while. Players who don’t have him might be wondering about his value in the Dendro meta and this article is here to answer just that.

Childe is Complicated but Powerful

The reason why a majority of the players are tired of his reruns and don’t recommend him is because of his unsatisfactory personal DPS but it’s a misconception to think of him as one. Childe isn’t meant to be a DPS- he’s a sub-dps and enabler who has a very technically complex kit.

Childe has the fastest Hydro application in the game which means a lot more reactions if you manage your rotations well. Because of his fast and powerful AoE Hydro application, Childe can be very good in the Dendro meta but even so his potential isn’t being fully used.  Dendro, Electro and Pyro appliers can’t usually keep up with his abilities but with the release of Nahida on the horizon, there’s still hope to further increase the damage of teams with Childe.

Childe is a team-oriented unit first and foremost. His kit is mechanical enough to encourage that so players who don’t understand the complex mechanics of his E skill or burst cannot capitalise on his damage and are even punished for it by reducing your team’s overall damage and rotations. Those who do invest time and dedicate themselves to learning the complications of his kit are rewarded for it as he instantly bumps your team to meta.

His Role in the Dendro Meta

Childe shines in all Bloom teams including Burgeon and Hyperbloom variations. His role in Burgeon teams requires knowledge of team synergises and rotations as you cannot trigger more than two Burgeon explosions at a time. 

He’s much easier to use in Hyperbloom teams but even then the player must know the personal mechanics of his kit to shine. In Hyperbloom teams, he needs a fast Electro applier like Raiden who can keep up with his quick AoE Hydro application.

As for pure Bloom teams, he could be Nilou’s best teammate if the Dendro Traveler’s Dendro application was a bit faster but since it isn’t, he’s almost on par with the likes of Kokomi. With the release of Nahida and her personal ICD and Dendro application, Childe could very well be able to trigger the highest number of Blooms than any other Hydro unit in the game.

All in all, if you are confident in your skill and ability to learn and utilise his kit, then Childe is definitely one you can look forward to. Otherwise, we don’t recommend him as there are other Hydro units that do a similar job but without any such complications and thus an easier playstyle.

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