How to Build Hyperbloom Raiden in Genshin Impact 3.0

 How to Build Hyperbloom Raiden in Genshin Impact 3.0

Raiden Shogun hasn’t been part of the conversation ever since Sumeru came out with the Dendro element in Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact. It isn’t because she’s fallen off the meta but simply because she doesn’t synergise well with Dendro as much as other electro characters do. The only way to make her synergise with Dendro is to change her entire build and thus sacrificing some of her best properties.

Hyperbloom Raiden is Niche in Genshin Impact 3.0

Hyperbloom is a Dendro reaction which occurs when Dendro cores generated by Bloom reactions come into contact with Electro. This triggers a Hyperbloom reaction which scales off of EM and doesn’t crit or use ATK modifiers for its damage. Units like Yae Miko or Keqing work amazingly in both Quicken and Hyperbloom comps but not Raiden. 

Raiden’s E skill triggers coordinated Electro attacks on enemies once they take damage. This means she will almost always be the trigger for reactions and not one to apply the element. This is why even though Dendro buffed all Electro characters in general, the buff to Raiden wasn’t too significant. She can still trigger Aggravate but her damage numbers aren’t very high. 

Raiden best works in Hyperbloom teams where the Dendro and Hydro react first to create the Bloom cores. Raiden can then use her coordinated Electro attack from her E skill to immediately trigger Hyperbloom. This is possible because her E skill’s attacks do splash damage which means they affect nearby enemies and objects too.  

Building Hyperbloom Raiden

Hyperbloom Raiden is a niche build because it means swapping her ER-scaling build for an Elemental Mastery one since she’s the one causing the main damage-dealing reaction. You’re sacrificing her greatest advantage and viability as an energy battery for more EM. 


For her artifacts, you’ll want EM main stat on all 3- sands, goblet and circlet. As for their sub-stats you’ll also need EM but ER and ATK% is also decent. Her best set is the recently released 4-piece Gilded Dreams set. You can also use 2-piece combinations of Wanderer’s Troupe and any other artifact set with the same 2-piece bonus. If you lack any of the above you can also use a 4-piece Instructor’s set.


Her best weapon is the Dragon’s Bane due to its EM main stat. Its refinements don’t matter. As for her F2P Craftable options, you could also go for Inazuma’s craftable Kitain Cross Spear or Sumeru’s craftable Moonpiercer.

With a build like this, you will obviously be sacrificing Raiden’s burst damage but at least her EM stats will still come in handy for the reactions.  This is a very niche but possible and efficient build and it is similar to an Overload Raiden build that players also discovered after her release. If you want a different gameplay experience with Raiden and want to keep using her efficiently in Sumeru alongside your Dendro Traveler, then this is the build to go with.

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