How Thoma Shines in Burgeon Teams in Genshin Impact Version 3.0

Amay De
Amay De

Thoma is an underrated unit. He’s a Pyro polearm user originally from Mondstadt, but currently, he serves the Kamisato household in Inazuma. His role is that of a shielder and reaction support, but players don’t usually use him since there are either better alternatives or he came to the game too late and other equally capable units already fill his role. With the release of Sumeru and Dendro in Genshin Impact Version 3.0- all that is about to change because Thoma is now one of the most preferred units for a Burgeon comp.

Why Thoma is Amazing With Burgeon

Burgeon is a triple reaction under the Dendro wing. It is when Pyro is applied to the Bloom pods that Burgeon is triggered, which is essentially a small explosion that deals Dendro DMG and buffs Pyro damage. A Burgeon rotation involves ideally applying Hydro to the enemy first, followed by Dendro for the Bloom reaction, and finally topping off with a consistent Pyro applier for the Burgeon reaction.

This works with Thoma because he has a decent and reliable shield to avoid interruption and his pyro application’s internal cooldowns don’t become a problem for reactions as you aren’t really causing Pyro reactions but Dendro ones. Since each Bloom pod have its internal cooldown (or ICD), triggering multiple Bloom pods with Thoma’s AoE pyro application means you trigger Burgeon on each of them to deal tons of damage consistently.

For a Burgeon Thoma, your ideal build will be to have the 4-piece Gilded Dreams artifact set with as much elemental mastery as you can muster. His ideal weapon will be an EM weapon and one great option is the Dragon’s Bane which also deals more damage against enemies affected by Pyro. Other than EM and reliable ER, all you need is HP% so that his shields are at least strong enough to be useful.

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