Guide to Mine Massive Resource Veins in V Rising

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V Rising is a survival game with numerous things to offer the players. Like every other survival game, players in V Rising needs to get lots of resources to craft and upgrade weapons and equipment. This guide will discuss the methods to mine massive Resource Veins in V Rising.

V Rising Massive Resource Veins – Can I Mine? 

There are a lot of Massive Resource Veins in V Rising, and if you mine them or blast them, you’ll get ore. Now, there are two ways to mine Massive Resource Veins- firstly, you can use Bear Form to mine them, or you can use explosives to get the ore.

Getting the Bear form is not that difficult; you only need to kill the Ferocious Bear Boss. Once you kill him, Bear Form is unlocked for you, and you can use it by selecting it from the Vampire Wheel by pressing and holding the Left Control of your console. If you are using the Bear Form to get Ore, you can use the unique Resource Vein ability to break the Massive Resource. 

If you want to use explosives to mine the Massive Resource Veins, first, find and beat the Clive the Firestarter boss and unlock the crafting recipe of a minor explosive box. Next, go to the Alchemy table and use 8 Planks, 8 Sulphur, and 4 Whetstones to make the Minor Explosive box to mine the Massive Resource Veins in V Rising. Plant explosives near the Massive Resource Veins and use a ranged weapon to explode them.

That’s all you need to know about how to mine Massive Resource veins in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to know how to mine Massive Resource Veins, check out our guide for required information.

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