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Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Second Half Banner Details Released

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Second Half Banner Details Released

Since we’re at the halfway point in Version 3.2 of Genshin Impact, it’s time for the new character and weapon banners. Are you finally excited for Layla?

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 is almost beginning its second phase and the official Genshin Impact Twitter has released the banner details for the second half of this update. In the second half, as per ritual, two rerun banners will run simultaneously with shared 4-stars- one of them being the brand new character Layla who we meet in the Fabulous Fungi Frenzy Event. There’s also the new weapon banner featuring the signature weapons of their respective 5-stars and a few other cool 4-star weapons.

Character Banners in the Second Half of Version 3.2 in Genshin Impact

We finally have Yae Miko’s rerun in the Dendro meta and from the looks of it- those who missed out on her before are also now finally convinced to pull on her due to her immense value and buff in the Dendro meta. Yae Miko might as well have been built for Dendro teams as she performs sensationally in both Quicken and Hyperbloom comps as a powerful sub-dps- even to the point of being considered the main DPS.

Secondly, we finally have another Childe or Tartaglia rerun after almost a year and players can’t wait to try him out in the Dendro meta. He’s already reputed as a powerful Hydro and fast Hydro applier so it’s not surprising he’d shine in all Bloom comps. 

The only downside to his character is that players still need to master his kit before he can shine. His timings, buffs and mechanics are what make him broken even in the Dendro meta- but to utilise him to his fullest potential, players need to be skilled with his kit.

The shared 4-stars in both the character rerun banners are as follows:

The 4-stars are surprisingly great all things considered as Layla is already leaked to be the strongest 4-star shielder with a low CD and a high HP shield close to Zhongli’s shield which in itself is a feat to be proud of. She will also have a powerful Cryo application which could make her useful in Freeze or Fridge teams.

Heizou is one of Genshin Impact’s recent, good 4-stars who’s a fully functional 4-star Anemo DPS at C0. He may not be particularly synergetic with Dendro but he’s still an amazing pick for beginner players. 

Thoma on the other hand doesn’t get his value from his shielding abilities but instead from his newfound role in the Dendro Burgeon meta. As of now, he’s the only viable unit for Burgeon teams in the game as his Pyro shield fires off waves of pyro in all directions with every normal attack strike.

Weapon Banner in the Second Half of Genshin Impact Version 3.2

The weapon banner in the second half features Kagura’s Verity which is Yae Miko’s signature weapon and the Polar Star which is Tartaglia’s signature weapon. Both of these weapons are the best-in-slots for their respective characters but if one had to pick- Kagura’s Verity stands out as the most valuable weapon in this banner.

Kagura’s Verity has a passive ability that buffs elemental skills and with a CRIT DMG secondary stat, this makes the weapon one of the premium catalyst DPS weapons in the game. Recently, it’s been deemed that this weapon is also one of Nahida’s best weapons. While the Thousand Floating Dreams may be her overall BIS, Kagura’s Verity can sometimes outperform or out-damage that in Quicken comps.

The 4-star weapons, except the Bell, are also great weapons to have in general. The Stringless is especially valuable in the Dendro meta due to its EM secondary stat. Favonius Sword and Favonius Codex are some of the best ER or battery weapons in the game and could be flexibly used on multiple units as and when necessary. The Dragon’s Bane is the best weapon for a Burgeon Thoma so it makes sense why it’s featured in this banner.

Overall, both the character banners are very good ones for those who don’t have these characters but if you already have them then they aren’t worth pulling for just for Layla. The weapon banner on the other hand is really good as it features two premium 5-star DPS weapons and even the 4-stars are good if you’re lucky. We pray no one is cursed by the Bell and we hope you get the characters and weapons you desire.

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