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Genshin Impact Version 3.2: Fabulous Fungi Frenzy Event Guide

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Fabulous Fungi Frenzy Event Guide

The Fabulous Fungus Frenzy is Genshin Impact’s latest event in Version 3.2 and in this article we’ll elaborate on some key points to understand its mechanics and gameplay.

Genshin Impact has recently begun its new event in Version 3.2- the Fabulous Fungi Frenzy event and it is a breath of fresh air. Considering the heavy note of the final act of Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter, players needed something light and friendly to cool off. And though Adventurer’s Trials was a good event with lots of fun trial characters it didn’t necessarily offer anything different than what the players are already used to.

In this guide we’ll tell you all you have to know about this new event and how to enjoy it to the best of your ability.

Fabulous Fungi Frenzy in Genshin Impact 3.2

The Fabulous Fungus Frenzy is an event in Sumeru where players can catch and tame fungi to fight for them in tournament matches against other fungi tamers. Ever since Sumeru dropped, the Fungi have been the only mobs players have been reluctant to slaughter for materials because they, like slimes, look cute and harmless and we’d rather have them as pets than as enemies.

This event makes that a reality as players can now capture Fungi using a special Akademiya event-exclusive device known as the Wisdom Orb which tames the aggressive nature of wild Fungi and allows players to train them to do battle in tournaments.

You can teleport to the Chinavat Ravine waypoint and head west towards the quest marker to begin the event. 

After completing the quest cutscene, teleport to the Port Ormos waypoint and glide down towards the marked location which is the announcement stage for this new Fungi tournament.

After the introductory cutscene, Kautilya allows players to get their own Wisdom Orb and register for the event. Once you get your own Wisdom Orb, you’ll meet Hanniyah- an expert Eremite beast tamer and a favourite to win the tournament due to her abilities. She will lead you into the next stage of this event which is capturing Fungi.

Capture Fungi

This part of the event is similar to many events in the past where we had to sneak up on creatures within a zone and capture them. The rules here aren’t as strict so players can take it easy with their ninja skills. You don’t get an option to crouch or even a eye-shaped meter suggesting if the creatures have noticed you.

Each capture zone has two Fungi and approaching them carelessly will alert them. You can use your Wisdom Orb to capture them and this device is lenient in its usage as it has no limited range and as long as it makes contact with the creature it will fill up the capture meter. You’ll need to hit each creature twice with this device to capture it.

Additionally, you can even affect these creatures with Electro or Pyro to Activate or Scorch them. We recommend Scorching them as it slows down their movements and thus also makes them vulnerable to easy capture.

Once you capture them, you can name them according to Paimon’s suggestions.

Now they are ready to be awakened to their full set of skills and abilities.

Awaken Fungi by Solving Puzzles

You can awaken Fungi abilities by going to Balfour’s stall in Port Ormos and solving Floral Jelly puzzles. These are essentially candy crush like puzzles where you have to move jellies around using the tools available and get the desired final pattern to feed the Fungi and awaken their abilities. 

There is a move counter to count how many moves it takes for you to get the desired blend. If you can get the desired blend within 7 moves, you get all the rewards. If you can’t get the blend within 7 moves then no need to worry as you get your Primogems just by awakening them. You can even undo moves so there’s unlimited retries.

Once you successfully awaken your fungi, you’ll get a screen like the one above.

Training Regimens

Each Fungi has their own set of abilities and each of them also play a particular role in the team. There are ATK fungi like the Cryo and Dendro shrooms. Our star performer- Bongo-Head has healing abilites in addition to his Hydro attacks. The Electro fungi in our kit meanwhile buffs teammates with ATK and so on. Once we have a team of 4 fungi, we are ready to train in battles. There are two modes of training namely:

  • Coordinated Assault: Here you have to fight opponents for multiple waves using your Fungi team. Here points are counted on how fast you clear all the waves.
  • Zone Defense: In this challenge, players have to defend a Ley Line monolith using their Fungi team. In this one your points are based on how much health your monolith has left. Having a health of 50% and above at the end of the trial gets you all the rewards.

Elite enemies like Abyss Mages or Shield Mitachurls, Lavachurls will also spawn alongside mob Hilichurls. Your character can aim and select a particular enemy to have to team focus their attacks on. 

The arenas will also drop golden leaves which are basically like energy for the Fungis. After a Fungi recovers all their energy they can use their equivalent of an elemental burst which can have different effects. You can see a Fungi’s energy by looking at their meter on the right side of your screen.

Rewards and Shop

Rewards and shop includes Primogems, Mora, Sumeru talent books, elemental shards, furnishings and one crown. The highlight of the event is that at the end of it you also get a free 4-star character- Dori

The event is a refreshing change and has a new format and feel unlike Genshin’s previous events. Players also finally meet Layla in the story along with Yae Miko who makes a surprise visit. The tournament match-ups will be revealed in due time and it looks like each tournament fight will be part of the event story. We hope that at the end of it we get to keep a Fungus as our pet too and for that we have our fingers crossed.

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