All Classes in Rogue Legacy 2 Explained

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There are a total of 15 different classes in Rogue Legacy 2, and you will come across three of them every time you die. Here we will see all the 15 classes and what they do in Rogue Legacy 2.

All Classes in Rogue Legacy 2 Explained

Each class in Rogue Legacy 2 has its passive abilities, talents, and weapons that you can choose from, as well as each of them carries its own set of genetic traits. Here we will see what all the classes do in Rogue Legacy 2.

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The Duelist is an all-rounded combat companion. Its choice of weapon is the Saber, which deals with fast and powerful strikes, while its ability, Combat Roll, has a two-second cooldown between uses and can help you evade damage.


The Assassin’s ability, Obscura, can help in invisibility, and movement boost, and uses Vulnerable on targeted enemies. It resets after 10 hits but is ultimately quite strong while in use. The Dual Blades are the primary choice of weapon for the Assassin, dealing quick blows and critical hits.


If you wish to farm more gold, then using the Valkyrie is your best bet. Its varied direction attacks can even go through walls, and using Deflect can destroy any mid-sized projectile. This ability recharges after 5 hits.


The Gunslinger can be used for its ranged attacks but is not that strong in terms of the other classes above. But its versatility can make up for it by keeping enemies at bay, while Makeshift Explosive deals explosive damage in a cross form.


Each hit the Barbarian deals, it restores Mana. It may appear sluggish, but this class makes up for its slow speed with immense strength. While up in the air, you can use your attacks to deal damage. Winter Shout is especially helpful in removing and destroying large projectiles but will reset when you are hit.


For beginners, starting with the Knight is your best bet. They have low skills to look after, making it easier for you to handle their abilities. Its great sword deals above average damage and can be used while on the move, while you can use the shield block to ward off enemies.


While Ronin is the worst class to choose if you wish to get more Mana, its skills will make up for it. It has the largest range under melee and can attack through walls. Its talent, the Immortal Kotetsu, teleports you and deals damage along the way.


Veteran players will benefit most from the Astromancer’s abilities. They can shoot black holes using their weapon, the Celestial Scepter, which deals damage over time to any enemy nearby. Using their talent, Comet Form, will turn them into a flaming ball of mass and they can maneuver to deal immense damage on impact.

These are just some of the classes that are covered in Rogue Legacy 2, and the rest will be revealed in part 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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