Rogue Legacy 2 House Rules, Explained

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Rogue Legacy 2 can be a very tough game for beginners and also some seasoned players. It is very surprising for a Rogue-like game that actually repels players from playing it. But there is something called the “House Rules” in Rogue Legacy 2 that lets players manipulate the game to a certain extent. And no, you won’t be penalized for using them. Let’s discuss what the House Rules in Rogue Legacy 2 are and what it offers.

What are the House Rules in Rogue Legacy 2 and How to use them?

The House Rules in Rogue Legacy 2 is a powerful tool that lets players change a lot of things to make their experience easier while playing. Follow the rules below to turn it on:

  • Go to the settings in Rogue Legacy 2.
  • You will find the House Rules option above the graphics option.
  • Toggle “Enable House Rules” to ON.

After you’ve turned the House Rules on, you will have several settings in there that you can manipulate.

  • You can increase or decrease the Enemy Health & Enemy Damage to manipulate the difficulty level of the game. 
  • You can slow time while aiming in order to hit the target properly.
  • You can enable the flight toggle to get the ability to fly.
  • You can enable or disable contact damage if you are not familiar with the concept.

And many more such things can be changed in order to improve your personal experience while playing the game. This however can go either of the two ways:

  • You either turn everything down to decrease difficulty.
  • Or you can turn everything up to increase difficulty.

Although you can manipulate these settings as you want, however, to keep the general difficulty approach intact, the Rules will come with suggestions. This lets you select the optimum settings so that you don’t lose interest in the game.

Manipulating the House Rules in Rogue Legacy 2 is not punishable hence it lets players dial it all the way up to 11 or all the way down to 1. And yes, you will still be able to unlock achievements if you turn on the House Rules in Rogue Legacy 2.

That is all you need to know about the House Rules in Rogue Legacy 2.

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