How to Unlock Dash Using Ananke’s Shawl in Rogue Legacy 2

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While you have the regular dash, that won’t be enough to get you further along through the levels, but there is a way to upgrade it. In this guide, we will see how to unlock the air dash ability using Ananke’s Shawl in Rogue Legacy 2.

How to Unlock Dash Using Ananke’s Shawl in Rogue Legacy 2

Like most Heirlooms, you will need to complete a trail to get Ananke’s Shawl in Rogue Legacy 2. Here we will see how to go about that in the game.

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The drawback to getting Ananke’s Shawl is that it drops at random, so if you miss out on this the first time, you will have to explore the castle again till you can find it. To get Ananke’s Shawl, you will have to complete the trial called Power of Momentum.

First Room

To complete the trail, keep going through the walkway till you reach a large enough gap that you cannot jump over. Use your dash ability by pressing LT for controller or Q/E for keyboard, and get over the gap. Do the same for the next gap, but this time jump into the air and then perform a dash to make it to the next room.

Second and Third Room

The next room will have some skeletal enemies that you will have to fight, and also be cautious of the flaming jets above you. Use your dash ability to get to the enemies quickly and take them down, then retreat the same way. Keep doing this till all of them are down, then get to the third room. This room will be filled with dagger-wielding floating hands, and the platforms have spikes underneath them. Your best bet would be to wait for the enemies to come to you while you dodge the spikes so that you can get a better hit.

Fourth Room

Once you clear the room, you will be teleported to another area where there are fire-spewing jets all around. Your only way out is to dash to the end of the hall, but along the way, you will get hit. This will make your transport to another area where there are attacking pupils that use magic. Ignore them and head to the bottom of the map. Over here, find the lantern, then spin kick it and dash to the platform nearby. Use a dash to get to the other side. Back at the area, you started from, a guard will spawn. Dash back to the lantern and spin kick it, then defeat the guard.

Fifth and Last Room

Once the guard is defeated, you will be taken to a room with a lot of lanterns. Dash and spin kick them to make it to the other side. Use the teleporter, then dash once you reach. Keep spin kicking the lanterns to reach the top. Keep going till you reach the next teleporter, then do the same thing here.

In the final room, you will have to glide to reach the bottom. Keep to the left of the map and use your dash with a full jump. At the end of this route, you will come across a statue, and interacting with it will give you Ananke’s Shawl. You can now unlock the upgraded version of the dash, which will help you keep afloat for much longer.

This is how to complete the Power of Momentum trial and get Ananke’s Shawl to unlock air dash through Rogue Legacy 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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