How to Play New Game Plus in Rogue Legacy 2

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Rogue Legacy 2 is a video game published by Cellar Door Games which was released on April 28, 2022, for PC and console players. The roguelike game succeeds its 2013 prequel called Rogue Legacy. Some players might have noticed the new feature in the game called New Game Plus and have a few questions about how it work, which this guide will take you through.

How Does New Game Plus Work in Rogue Legacy 2?

The newest feature in Rogue Legacy 2 will let you enjoy the game even more. Since its release, the game has been immensely popular, enjoyed by the previous fans of the original and new players alike. New Game Plus is a feature which will allow players to play the game again, but in a slightly different manner.

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To freshen up the experience of playing the game, you can replay it with intense difficulty for a challenge. This will let you take the weapons that you have obtained in your past playthroughs along with other new and fun aspects of gameplay. This comes with the New Game Plus Update that was added to the game in path 0.4.0.

If you want to activate New Game Plus in Rogue Legacy 2, you will need to talk to Elpis in Bearer of Hope. After doing so, you will be able to play the new game mode which comes with a lot of different changes. You will need to play the levels which are called threads.

Players will need to choose their burdens as part of the increase in difficulty, but they will also have more DPS. Enemies, too, will be able to hit harder and have more HP. One of the plus factors is that they will be dropping more rewards on being killed. You will also get Soul Stones at every thread.

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