Where to Find Void Bell in Rogue Legacy 2

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Rogue Legacy 2 is the latest platform video game and the sequel of Rogue Legacy (2013) by Cellar Door Games, released on 28th April 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. There are a lot of Heirlooms you come across during your journey through Rogue Legacy 2. These Heirlooms provide you with some special perks when equipped. Void Bell is also an Heirloom you get in Rogue Legacy 2, and this guide will help you know where to get this Void Bell.

Void Bell Location in Rogue Legacy 2- Where to Get?

Heirlooms play an essential role in this game because the abilities they provide are everlasting, and they help your character to be developed in the game. One of the most important abilities that Heirlooms offer is the ability to access restricted areas that players usually cannot enter.

Void Bell provides you the power to switch to Void Dash from normal Dash and will improve the distance covered throughout a Dash. Also, you can cancel it in mid-dash if you wish. Additionally, you can enter Void Doors and Void Lifts with the help of Void Bell. But the acquiring process is complicated, and there is only one way to get Void Bell in Rogue Legacy 2.

Void Bell is the rarest Heirloom you can acquire in the game, and there is no particular place to get it. We can only say that you’ll get it inside Stygian Study, but you have to search the whole area to get one. There is no specific area that has the Void Bell. It can be anywhere in Stygian Study. Also, you can’t purchase Void Bell. Finding it is the only way to get Void Bell in Rogue Legacy 2.

That’s all you need to know about acquiring Void Bell in Rogue Legacy 2. You can’t skip finding this Heirloom as it will be required for many purposes like Estuary Enoch’s boss fight, accessing several locations in Pishon Dry Lake, etc. However, if you are looking for a guide to get some help regarding Void Bell acquiring process in Rogue Legacy 2, check out our guide for necessary information.

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