Where to Find the Wetsuit in Sons of the Forest

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Survival horror games are thrilling and adventurous. While you have to protect yourself from enemies, you must explore the world and find the necessary items to survive. Among several other items, Sons of the Forest offer players a Wetsuit, and if you have been looking for the Wetsuit, this guide will help you find it.

Wetsuit Location in Sons of the Forest- Where to Find It?

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to The Forest, released in 2014. After nine years, finally, the developers have brought a sequel that has created massive excitement among the players, and even in the early access, this game has earned immense popularity. 

If you have been playing Sons of the Forest, you are probably aware that this game takes you to a dangerous world where Cannibals and mutants await you at every step. However, besides fighting them, you have to find items from different locations, and one of them is the Wetsuit.

If you are looking for the Wetsuit location, it is tricky to find. First, check the location of the cave to get the item-

Wetsuit Location in Sons of the Forest- Where to Find It

Once you reach the location, you’ll find a Cave with three dead people frozen in ice. Enter the cave and proceed forward. Ensure to have a torch and a weapon while progressing. Eventually, you’ll reach the water body. Jump into the water with Rebreather equipped and a lighter in hand.

You have to go underwater, and there will be a cave. Proceed through the cave underwater. It will be a long cave to pass, and finally, when you go up, you’ll find the Wetsuit on the right-hand side. However, you have to go a little forward before you find the item.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Wetsuit in Sons of the Forest.

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