How to make Animal Traps in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game and as it is aptly mentioned in the genre, it consists of two parts-survival and horror. So essentially speaking, you are going to need to conquer both of those. And the most basic human necessity is food and water. Water, you can acquire from rivers and waterbodies. But what about food? You cannot go about eating random fruits, you do not know anything about. And certainly, no animals are coming in there to get you your protein and macros. So, you have to build traps to get those animals. And how do you go about doing that? This article will help you out.

How to make Animal Traps in Sons of the Forest

You will require a ton of twigs to begin making wildlife traps in Sons of The Forest. Essentially, there are twigs lying all over the place. However, you could also begin clearing shrubbery or tiny bushes. Simply select “I” to access your inventory, then attach the axe. Once you’ve finished, start collecting the items that drop while clearing the shrubs or tiny bushes (like Minecraft but far more realistic and scarier). 

How to make Animal Traps in Sons of the Forest

You need to consult your guidebook if you want to make the traps as the in-game guidebook will explain it lucidly. Either way, there are two kinds of traps in the game.

  • Small Animal Trap – 14x sticks; placed on flat ground.
  • Fish Trap – 25x sticks; placed in bodies of water or rivers.

Open the store and choose the Guide Book once you have all the required goods. Next, pick the Traps tab after holding down the “X” key to move to the items that can be built or crafted (i.e., the bottommost icon). Let’s assume that you want to construct the small animal trap. Simply select it to reveal the structure’s white shape.

Select a suitable location, then repeatedly hit the “E” key to have your figure position the sticks there. If there are rabbits or other animals nearby, they should eventually get captured, giving you an inactive way to get flesh. Now cook the flesh and consume it. Or cook it and keep it for travel rations. 

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