V Rising Guide to Move Servants in Another Castle

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In V Rising, the players play as vampires, and their main objectives include enslaving humans, blood hunting, and conquering the world. In this game, the vampire that players play as has woken up from a death-like slumber after Centuries. Players can enjoy the vampire powers in the game and make humans their slaves.

Now, if you wonder whether you can move your servants to a new castle or not, don’t worry; this guide will answer all your queries regarding this issue.

Moving Servants to a New Castle in V Rising – Is it Possible?

If you also have the same question, let me tell you No. Currently, there is no feature available in the game to shift servants from one castle to another. Getting servants and using them is a complicated process in V Rising. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that players may want to take their servants to the new Castle, but the game won’t allow you.

If you move to a new castle, you have to get servants again as you can’t move the old servants. You can only kill them but can’t move them in any way. Probably, you’ll get a ‘Move’ option, but it doesn’t work. You’ll get an error while trying to use it. In some forums, players suggest that moving the coffins of the servants will allow you to move them to another castle, but it did not work for many others.

To move the Servant Coffins, you need to break them down as the game doesn’t allow you to move a whole thing from one castle to another. If you break the coffins of the servants and rebuild them in your new Castle, it won’t give you fruitful results. Therefore, currently, you can’t move servants to another castle.

That’s all you need to know about whether you can move servants to another castle or not. Though this feature is not available now, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. V Rising is still under development, and probably the developers will add this feature to the game someday. However, for now, there is no way you can move servants to another castle in V Rising. Check out our guide if you have any queries related to this issue.

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