How to Get Servants in V Rising

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Servants are significant in V Rising because they may protect a player’s castle and harvest resources on their behalf. The game’s Servant feature, on the other hand, might appear a little daunting at first look, and some players may be unsure how to approach it.

Except for the PvP modes in V Rising, the existence of a vampire may be a lonely one. While completing housework and other tedious jobs might be difficult, there is a method to revitalize your castle and focus on more important things.

Because of their diverse set of stats and benefits, servants can help you succeed in this isometric survival game. This article will teach how to unlock servants and how to use them effectively in V Rising.

You may also watch our YouTube guide below on how to get servants in V Rising and create a castle throne.

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Getting Servants in V Rising

To get Servants, players should simply go through V Rising’s tasks until they acquire one titled “Army of Darkness.” This challenge instructs survival game players on how to use Dominating Presence to change a person into a Servant.

  1. Find a human.
  2. Ctrl-click the wheel and choose Dominating Presence.
  3. To utilize the ability of the person, press R.
  4. Assist the human in returning to the castle and interacting with the Servant Coffin.
  5. Click Convert.

It is critical to note that upgrading the Castle Heart allows you to have more Servant Coffins within your castle. This raises the maximum number of slaves you may have; but, building a Servant Coffin requires Greater Blood Essence, Wooden Planks, and Copper Bars.

While the extra effort may appear boring, especially selecting a good human to convert and create a Servant Coffin, having subordinates ready to do your command is worthwhile. Having an additional pair of hands or more gives you access to a wide range of resources, stats, and bonuses that each servant possesses.

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