How to Farm Iron Ore in V Rising

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At a certain stage in the game when you can finally leave the starting area and head toward Dunley Farmland, you will notice that your current weapons do not do as much damage and you need to upgrade them. The next logical upgrade is the Iron weapons, which require Iron Ore. In order to build the Throne and complete the servant objective in V Rising, you need Iron ore. Iron is required in a great many things at the middle stages of the game. So, it’s a very important resource. Keep reading and we will show you how to farm Iron.

V Rising – How to Farm Iron Ore

There are many ways to farm iron ore in V Rising and we will discuss them all here. The best way to get lots of iron ore is to farm the Iron Ore vines, but in Dunley Farmland, you won’t find a concentration of these iron Veins except for the Haunted Iron Mines.

The Haunted Iron Mines is a vast and deadly place if you decide to venture alone, but you can still loot Iron Ore. What you need to do is, get into the mine and practice hit and run. Maintain your distance from the mobs and brings a bunch of ranged attacks. You do not need to go too deep into the mine. Just get in clear the initial few mobs, mine the Iron Ore nodes, and get out. Doing this should get you enough Iron Ore for all your weapons. I have personally visited the mines thrice and have more than enough Iron Ore for everything. Here is the map location of the Haunted Iron Mines.

Iron Ore Veins

The other way to farm Iron is via loot crates. However, there is no place in Dunley Farmland that drop Iron in the loot. For that, you need to travel to Cursed Forest and the trip for Iron is not worth it. You won’t stand a chance here unless you have leveled up very high, I would say above 70.

Another good way to farm Iron Ore is the Iron Ore Nodes around Dunley Farmland. If you travel enough, you will find a lot of these iron veins. Look for it around deserted castles, roads, and live castles. They usually spawn in these places. You should also find some around the road. Just go along with your task in Dunley Farmland and you should find a lot of these Veins.

So, this is how you can farm Iron Ore in V Rising. Check out our V rising category for more guides and tips on how to play V Rising.

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