Trek to Yomi All the Endings Explained- How to Get

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Trek to Yomi is the latest side-scrolling action game by Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital and was released on 5th May 2022. Since its release, the game has attracted a considerable number of players worldwide, and they are praising the game for its gameplay, combat mechanics, ambiance, and unique black and white background. Though it is not a massive game that needs lots of hours of playing time, it has successfully won the players’ hearts.

Despite a small game, Trek to Yomi has four endings available. This Guide will help you know the four endings and how to get them.

All Four Endings in Trek to Yomi- How to Reach?

The first three endings of the game- Path of Love, Path of Duty, and Path of Fury are the common ones and depend on what players choose before they proceed to the last boss fight. But the last or the fourth ending is not related to these choices. It’ll come much earlier during Chapter 3. We’ll discuss all the endings of Trek to Yomi below in detail.

The Secret Ending

This ending comes earlier during chapter 3. At the end of chapter 3, Hiroki is destined to fight with Kagerou. This fight is designed in a way that Hiroki’s defeat is definite. If you lose the fight, you have to play the rest of the game and choose one of the remaining endings. But if you win the battle against Kagerou, you’ll get the Secret Ending. But remember, if you get killed, you have to progress through the game or start all over again to get the chance to fight Kagerou again. Otherwise, keep an eye on your health bar, and once you find your health bar is low, quit the fight and reload your game from the last Shrine you interacted.

Path of Love

This ending will be triggered if you select ‘Choose Love’ at the end of Chapter 6 when NIGI-TAMA offers you gifts to choose from. In this ending, Hiroki will win over Kagerou but spare his life and return to Yomi to live with Aiko forever.

Path of Duty

You’ll get this ending by selecting ‘Choose Duty’ when NIGI-TAMA offers you gifts in Chapter 6. In this ending, Hiroki kills Kagerou and lets go of Aiko to protect and lead his people.

Path of Fury

Both the above-mentioned endings can be considered as more or less good endings based on your point of view, but the Path of Fury is the bad ending the game has. To get this ending select ‘Reject Gifts’ and Hiroki will reject both the gifts offered by NIGI-TAMA; instead, he kills both NIGI-TAMA and Kagerou and becomes a brutal person the rest of his life. These are the endings available in Trek to Yomi. If you are playing the game and curious to know which ending will be better, you can follow our guide to get the necessary information related to the game’s endings.

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