How to Beat Sanjuro Demon in Trek to Yomi

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The Trek to Yomi Sanjuro monster is one of the most challenging battles you’ll face on your trek through the Shinto version of Hell, and it marks the end of the fifth chapter. Trek to Yomi contains a series of boss encounters that appear at the end of each chapter and challenge you to use the talents you’ve already learned.

Trek to Yomi is an intensive and personal homage to vintage Samurai films by creators Leonard Menchiari and Flying Wild Hogs. The voyage inside Yomi is fraught with danger, and one bad sword stroke is all it takes to put a stop to it. Trek to Yomi has supernatural aspects in the form of boss fights. The Sanjuro Demon is difficult to combat, but this guide will make it easy.

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How to Defeat Sanjuro Demon in Trek to Yomi

The Sanjuro Demon is one of the supernatural boss battles you’ll face later in the game. This fight will be waiting for you at the end of Chapter 5. This fight will be identical to the previous one, and the enclosed arena will be equally as dangerous as his supercharged strikes during the battle.

The fight has 2 phases:

First Phase: 

The first phase of this fight is rather straightforward as long as you remember to duck and avoid blocking at all costs. With this boss’s size, even successful blocks will result in significant damage and stun lock. Sanjuro also possesses a wide range of strikes, thus risking it all for a parry frequently results in rapid death. 

His size is to his disadvantage, as his overhead swings let you roll through and wind up on the opposite side of his assaults. Please avoid his horizontal slashes and instead strike his back, bracing yourself for phase two.

Second Phase:

The second phase of the Sanjuro boss encounter will commence once you have depleted half of his health bar. The setting will not change, but he will introduce new assaults that might be difficult to cope with if you have bad habits from previous chapters.

The most dangerous threat during this encounter is a Juggernaut-styled shoulder charge, which may end the fight instantaneously regardless of health. This technique is predictable since it always follows his diving overhead slash. When he jumps, dodge the downward smash by closing the distance and rolling as he begins to drop his shoulder and safely avoid this strike.

After a dodge, you have the best chance to hurt Sanjuro, but don’t be greedy. You only need one or two sword swings to chip away. Fighting him head-on is doable but dangerous due to his size and unblockable strikes.

Ranged strikes should be avoided because they have no effect on him. When battling the Sanjuro Demon, keep a safe distance, avoid blocking his frontal assaults, and use precise dodges.

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