Solve Trek to Yomi Boat Puzzle in Chapter 5

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Trek to Yomi is the latest action-adventure game by Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital. Released on 5th May 2022, this game has attracted the attention of a considerate number of people. The game features the story of the main character Hiroki who is looking for those who have destroyed their village. It is a single-player game, and players will play as Hiroki.

There are several puzzles to solve in Trek to Yomi, and the boat puzzle in Chapter 5 is one of them. This guide will help you know how to solve the Boat Puzzle in Chapter 5 of Trek to Yomi.

Solution to the Boat Puzzle of Chapter 5 – Trek to Yomi

Chapter 5 is one of the last chapters in Trek to Yomi, and at the end of this chapter, players will get a boat. The problem is the boat is at the top of a broken bridge, and players need to raise the water level to that height to use this boat and proceed through the game.

You’ll find two things while you get to this location- a button to start the fountain and a rope that tied the boat to a post. To solve the puzzle, you need to interact with the rope first. Cut the rope to detach the boat from the post. Next, press the button to activate the waterfall. This will eventually raise the water level of the surrounding area, and remember to sit inside the boat once you press the button. If you drowned in the water and died, you have to restart your game from the last Shrine you interacted. So, after pressing the button, get back to the boat and sit on it.

This puzzle will not help you much. As the water level rises, your boat will take you to another platform. Land on the platform, and you don’t need the boat again. There you’ll get a Shrine to save your game, which is the only benefit of solving the boat puzzle. Otherwise, the boat has no further use.

That’s the easiest way to solve the chapter 5 boat puzzle in Trek to Yomi. Though this puzzle is not difficult to solve if you are stuck and looking for a guide to get help, check out our guide for the required information.

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