Trek to Yomi- Chapter 2 Artifact Locations Explained

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Collectibles are pretty common in online survival games, and Trek to Yomi also features a lot of collectibles, including artifacts and upgrades. These artifacts and upgrades give Hiroki a lot of benefits, and each chapter of Trek to Yomi has some collectibles to offer to the players. Also, to get 100% Achievement, players need to collect all the collectibles of all chapters.

Chapter 2, the second chapter of the game, has ten collectibles to collect. Among them, six are artifacts, and the remaining are the various upgrades. This guide will help you know the locations of the artifacts in Chapter 2 of Trek to Yomi.

All Artifact Locations in Trek to Yomi- Chapter 2- Location Guide

In Trek to Yomi collecting the Artifacts and Upgrades are essential to get the Platinum Achievements. These artifacts are glowing objects that will make it easier for you to locate them; otherwise, the black and white background of the game makes it difficult to locate the collectibles.

To get the first artifact named Discarded Kami Carving, players need to finish the battle with the shadow bandits, and then, as they progress further, they will get the artifact from the top of the straw pile inside a shelter. The second artifact, named Crude Tekko, will be inside a cave. To get to that location, you need to form a bridge by breaking down the beam at the back of the room.

The third artifact of the Trek to Yomi, The Three Monkeys, will be found after you collect the second artifact and leave the cave. After you come out of the cave and go down a dirt path marked by a Torii gate, you’ll get the artifact at the end of the path. The fourth artifact, named EMA, will be found on the top of the Bales of Hay at the Burning Village.

The fifth artifact, the Lost Love Letter, will be inside a house in the village where an old man is lying on the floor, and the artifact is on the table. Pick it up from the table. The sixth and the last artifact is Mori Shio which will be found at the top of a small stump. From the village, go down, and eventually, you’ll reach a lit brazier, and from there, as you go down further, you’ll get the artifact.

These are the artifacts you can get in Chapter 2 of Trek to Yomi. If you are curious about the artifacts hidden in Chapter 2 of the game, check out our guide for help.

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