Trek to Yomi- Guide to Chapter 1 Artifact Locations

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Collectibles are pretty common in online survival games, and Trek to Yomi also features a lot of collectibles, including artifacts and upgrades. These artifacts and upgrades give Hiroki a lot of benefits, and each chapter of Trek to Yomi has some collectibles to offer to the players.

Chapter 1, the opening chapter of the game, has eleven collectibles to collect. Among them, seven are artifacts, and the remaining are the upgrades. This guide will help you know the locations of the artifacts in Trek to Yomi.

All Artifact Locations in Trek to Yomi- Chapter 1- Location Guide

As we’ve mentioned in Chapter 1, Hiroki will get 7 artifacts, and the first one will be found just after he completes his training under Sanjuro. The artifact is located right side of the residence, across the manor’s pond bridge, and is called Tamaya Mirror.

The second artifact, Izanagi Print, is found duringtheReach the main gate’ objective.’ During this objective, Hiroki will help an old man and eventually reach a bar. Take the objects from the table close to the doorway to get the artifact.

The third artifact, Kai-Awase Shell, will be received from a merchant encountered on the right side of the street as you go out of the bar and walk on the street. The fourth artifact, Sakura Bloom, will be found in a room inside a bamboo-made building, on a wooden table.

The fifth artifact, Field Mouse Sculpture, will be found near the Shrine that will be accessible after Hiroki defeats the first enemy. The sixth artifact, Kakute, will be found after progressing a long through Chapter 1 and reaching the village. The artifact is inside the second house on the right side of the village. The seventh and last artifact of Chapter 1, Izanami Print, will be found outside the village, around the right side of the cemetery.

That’s all you need to know about the location of the artifacts you can get in Chapter 1 of Trek to Yomi. If you are curious about collecting these artifacts, check out our guide for help.

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